Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How I earned super cool points with the kids

One of our last big adventures while we were in Georgia was a trip to the lake.  I really didn't know if this was going to be the best idea ever or an epic fail.  How would Ellie do being in a boat on the water for several hours?  Would Mason be brave enough to try to ski?  Would Hannah Kate even get in the water, much less be willing to be pulled behind the boat?  As it turns out, it was pretty much the best idea ever.

Two Sundays ago (we were still in Georgia), I took Seth to the airport.  He had to fly to Wyoming for work.  He'd packed two suitcases for our trip, one with summer clothes and the other with winter clothes.  Apparently it's still pretty chilly up in Wyoming.  I can not imagine.  That afternoon I took the kids to my cousin's house to play and swim.  My cousins and aunt and I were front porch sitting and talking while the kids were having a great time.  They asked Mason and Hannah Kate what their favorite thing was so far.  Mason's could've talked about going to his very first major league baseball game.  They could've talked about going to the top of Stone Mountain and then watching the laser show.  Or they could've mentioned the most awesome Georgia aquarium.  But no.  Their answer?  Both of them . . . going to the lake.

When I was a kid, we spent every Saturday and even some days during the week that my dad wasn't working at the lake.  Most summers we'd also spend a week at Lake Burton in the north Georgia mountains.  I don't remember how old I was when Daddy bought our boat.  I also don't remember how old I was when I learned how to ski, but I think I was eight.  Needless to say, I lived for summers and those days at the lake.  We'd swim and ski and tube and eat and swim and ski and tube some more.  We'd go home at the end of the day a little sunburned, dog tired and slap happy.  I don't remember my last trip to the lake.  I'm pretty sure it's been at least 16 years, if not more.  Needless to say, my expectations for this day were rather high, and it didn't disappoint!

As soon as we put the boat in the water and then made our way across the lake to the little cove my dad likes to ski in, both Mason and Hannah Kate jumped into the water.  Yes, Hannah Kate.  I was expecting to have to "show them how it's done," but there was no time for that.  They couldn't wait to get on the tube and go.  Yes.  They.  Including Hannah Kate.  So we got the rope hooked up, they climbed on top of the tube and we took off.  Those two monkeys didn't stop smiling and giggling the whole time!  We pulled them all over the place.  And all the while Mason is yelling, "Faster!!  Faaaaaassssssttttterrrrrrrrrr!"

We had to literally make them get back in the boat so we could eat lunch.  And then after lunch it was time for Mason to give it a try at skiing.  Pop jumped into the water with him, helped him get the skis on and then gave him a quick lesson:  knees bent, arms straight, don't pull the boat but let the boat pull you.

I think he tried eight or so times to get up.  This was the closest he got.  The skis were really heavy, and he had a hard time keeping them together.  But honestly he gave up too quickly.  I think if he would've tried a couple of more times, he would've gotten up.
And Ellie girl?  I have to give her props.  I know it's not very comfortable being almost 2 years old and confined in a ski boat having to wear a life jacket.  But she was such a big girl!  She was also worn out by this time.
After Mason called it quits, it was my turn.  Yes, MY turn.  Did I mention it's been almost 20 years since I got up on a pair of skis?  So I wasn't sure how many times it would take me to get up or if I even could get up.  But I did.  And on the first try, baby!  Let's just say I earned some cool points with my kids that day.
Yes.  Chicken legs and all.  I know.

I also earned extra cool points with Mason and Hannah Kate thanks to the tumble I took off the tube.  The boat captain got a little over zealous without realizing it and created several cross wakes that sent me flying through the air.  When I came back down, I knew I needed to let go, but it was too late.  I let go right as the tube hit the second wake so I went flying off and then the tube came up and hit me and then I went skipping across the water, kinda like a skipping rock across the pond.  When I finally hit the water to stay, I was hurting so bad, but I was glad I was hurting because that meant I could feel everything.  I couldn't move my neck up and down for three days.  So when anyone asks Mason about going to Georgia, he says something like this:  "We went skiing, and Momma flew off the tube."  Followed by obnoxious, raucous laughter from both him and his sister.

After I somehow managed to drag myself back up on the boat, Seth skied.  It's probably been longer for him than it has for me, but he got up the first time, too.  He wiped out twice, but nobody is talking about that.  And then Hannah Kate asked to ski.  Yes, she did!  She even got up the very first time, but for some reason she let go of the rope.  She tried twice more, but then she quickly gave up.  Again, my children aren't exactly know for their patience and perseverance right now.  

Mason tried one more time to ski, and he almost had it.
They asked to go back to the tube so we did.  They rode together and then Seth rode with Mason.  Hannah Kate wanted to ride by herself so she did.  And as for me, well, I just enjoyed the ride.
I have to say.  It really was the perfect day!  It's how I remember my childhood days of summer.  Some of my favorite memories are on the lake and in the water.  That's what I want for my kids, too.

I suppose the great debate will continue.  I want a ski boat.  Seth wants a fishing boat.  But I'm hoping that maybe he's coming over to my side a little now.  I just think we would use a ski boat a whole lot more than a fishing boat, and I think the littles would enjoy a ski boat a whole lot more than a fishing boat.  Besides, they can go fishing in PawPaw's boat.  Seth also says we can go skiing in a fishing boat, but I disagree.  I mean, you can ski.  But there's nowhere to put your skis, nowhere to put all the life jackets and gear, nowhere to comfortably put the ice chest (unless you want to trip over everything all the time) and nowhere to sit.  Not to mention the fact that I want to be able to jump in the water and cool off on a hot summer's day.  You can't do that when you're fishing.  Because.  Sharks.  So I don't know what's going to happen with all of that and what we might be pulling.  I just know my kids are begging to go skiing again.

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Kori Page said...

Sounds like so much fun, Julie! I too spent my summers on the lake as a child & I loved knee-boarding & tubing. I love that your kids share your love for the water! And tell Seth its way easier to fish from a ski boat than ski from a fishing boat, lol. :)