Sunday, June 01, 2014

Chop This House

Seth and I took Mason to the Braves game last Tuesday evening.  It was his special treat for "flying high" in 3rd grade.  He'd never been to a Major League Baseball game before, and since he really loves baseball, I was very excited about our night out.  I was probably more excited than he was.
This means absolutely nothing to him, but I made him stand on home plate of the "old" stadium.  This is where I saw all of the Braves games when I was growing up.  The new stadium was completed for the 1996 Olympics, and I'd seen only one game there.
We arrived at the stadium really early.  After talking to several of my friends and getting their advice, I'd decided we would get the $1 tickets.  That means you stand in line prior to the game starting to get your ticket, and you sit in the general seating area on the top level.  But it was so worth it!  We paid $15 to park and $3 for our tickets.  I brought snacks and drinks with us.  Now that's a good deal!
When we entered the stadium, we had 2 1/2 hours before the first pitch.  But there is SO MUCH to do once you're inside.  Our first stop was to watch a little batting practice.
And then we made our way up to Sky Field.
Mason "ran the base" several times.
He enjoyed walking around and exploring the stadium.
And, of course, we "splurged" and bought him a hotdog.  Because there's nothing like a hotdog at the ballpark.  He ate the whole thing.  And fries, too.  And ice cream.  And peanuts. And cracker jacks.

We eventually made our way to our seats.  The $1 seats are general admission.  We found the perfect spot on the aisle with no seats in front of us so we had plenty of leg room.  Our view of the Atlanta sky line and the jumbo-tron couldn't have been any better!
The Braves played the Boston Red Sox.  I've not followed baseball since I moved 14 years ago so I honestly had no idea how either teams were doing this year.  But I think it's safe to say that either team could've won that day.
You'll notice Mason had a change of attire.  We bought him a Braves t-shirt because he didn't have anything Braves team related.  We also bought him a tomahawk.  Because you can't go to a Braves game without one.  Can not.  
I'd been telling Mason for weeks about the tomahawk chop.  I could tell by his expression that he just didn't get it.  So one of the things I was most excited about was finally doing the tomahawk chop inside the stadium.  Let me tell you.  I think it was like the 3rd inning before we finally did it for the first time!  Seriously!  I'd begun to think that the Braves didn't tomahawk chop anymore.  But, of course, they do!

Mason is looking a little tired here.  I wasn't sure if he'd want to stay for the whole game or not.  He's not a night owl.  At all.
We also had a perfect view of the beautiful sunset over Atlanta.
Is it just me . . . or is there something extra-American about being at a baseball game?!
Mason wanted to stay for the whole game.  So we did.
But in the end, the Red Sox won.  Oh well.  That might've been Mason's first Braves game, but I know it won't be his last.  Maybe next time we'll see them win.  He's already told me he wants to go back.  And I agree!

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