Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Night Before (2nd time around)

'Twas the night before Kindergarten,
Hannah Kate's, that is,
and the Bayham house is quiet,
everyone in bed.

Her backpack is ready,
she gave me instructions
about her lunch to fix,
her uniform is ironed
and with a new bow to match,
but the thing she's really looking forward to
is wearing her new kicks.
How can it be possible?
Is it really for true?
Hannah Kate can't be going to Kindergarten.
Oh my, how the years flew!

She's my big girl, my sidekick, my best friend for sure!
She dances and twirls,
she colors and draws,
she keeps me on my toes,
she makes me laugh more than she knows.

But the dear girl is ready,
she can't wait to go,
she hungers to learn
she's looking forward to her new adventure so!

When I look at her
and the beautiful, sweet, passionate child she is,
I swell with pride
and joy inside.

I saw her today,
all five and a half years,
and I wonder how in the world
I will keep back the tears.
Can't be!
Is she five already?
But somehow, she looks-twenty three!
She's growing up
before my very eyes.
She's a strawberry blonde beauty
with a twinkle and a smile.
 This is not my first "night before,"
I did it with Mason
not too long ago.
And just like last time
the same is true:
I have to let go,
and I will get through!

Tomorrow is a new day;
it'll come quick enough.
But I have no doubt
it'll be a little tough.
I'll give her a hug,
a kiss and a wave.
I've already told her
to be real brave.

But it isn't she
that needs all of this -
the pep talk, the hugs,
the cheers, the kiss.
She will be fine.
I know it for true.
You see I'm the one who's a puddle
and wishing I could slow time!

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Anonymous said...

I rarely log into Facebook but tonight when I opened it your blog was glaring at me so I began reading about your difficult journey. I can tell you that you are doing everything right. As far away as it seems, the day will come when you will see Mason go off to college and you will realize that you made it. My best friend's daughter made it through private school and graduated from college with a reading disability (pretty sure it was dyslexia) - with a high grade point average I might add! And she didn't even have the color coded binder or color coded laundry baskets! (You know why that made me laugh!) One thing I know about you - everything you touch gets better. Love you, honey! You will all make it through this journey!