Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Night Before

Twas the night before Kindergarten,
and in the Bayham house
Mason is asleep
and Daddy on the couch.
Hannah Kate is at MawMaw's
and I have managed not to bawl.

Uniforms are hung
in his closet with care,
but his backpack
still isn't here.
He has a lunch box -
Batman, that is -
and his school supplies . . .
well, you should've seen that list!
Looking back
we had a great day.
Both Connor and Ray Ray
were here to play.
I will the clock to stop
or slow down at best,
but the minutes flew by
as the sun set in the west.

Jesus goes with him
I told him not to forget.
We said a prayer,
and the pillow his head hit.

I have to let go,
I have to keep a smile on my face.
I don't expect to sleep tonight.
I'll just thinking of my Mase.
I love that boy!
He's my joy and my pride.
These past five years
have been quite a ride.

Tomorrow is a new day;
it'll come quick enough.
But I have no doubt
it'll be a little tough.
I'll give him a hug,
a kiss and a wave.
I've already told him
to be real brave.

But it isn't him
that needs all of this -
the pep talk, the hugs,
the cheers, the kiss.
He will be fine.
I know it for true.
You see I'm the one
who's feeling many shades of blue.

"He will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast
because he trusts in You."
~Isaiah 26:3

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The Applings said...

I might have to still this poem you wrote in a few years -- it brought me to tears! And yes, the morning hassle of getting kids off to school is rough on all moms! Caroine also starts preschool each year w/ only a 2 hr day - frustrating for sure!