Monday, January 23, 2012

Judd Davis

Guess who became a BIG BROTHER today?!
Rob and Kristi welcomed Judd Davis this morning shortly after 8:00EST. He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. I just love this picture of Jones reaching for his new best buddy.
That's one proud Daddy!
And one proud Mimi!
Judd Davis is all bundled up . . . but Rob said he has red fuzz on top of his head and favors Jones. As for me . . . well, I can hardly wait to get my hands on the little guy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Remember that new fishing rod that Mason got for Christmas from Pop and Mimi? Well, he's already put it to good use! The week after Christmas, Mason, Seth, PawPaw, Barry and Abbie spent several days fishing in Cocodrie. They stayed at Barry's camp. This was Mason's first experience salt water fishing. The fish have moved up into the bayous so they didn't actually have to go out into the open water. Mason has been fishing many times on the bank of the pond but never this. I so wish I could've been there! It's absolutely hilarious to hear the stories, especially from Abbie, about his reaction to the whole experience. She said there was never a dull moment with Mason.

So here he is on the first day. I know it was the first day because he was wearing a life jacket. I'm not sure what happened to the life jacket after that. I just know it seems to be missing in many of the pictures.
The first day they were out, Seth would cast the reel, "catch" the fish and then let Mason reel him in. Seth said that the first time they caught a fish and pulled it into the boat, Mason could hardly stand it. He was running up and down the length of the boat (because obviously there's nowhere else to go) yelling, "Gooolllllllllleeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! Look at that big ol' fish!" I can just hear him now. Unlike his daddy, there's no doubt when he's excited . . . you can see it on his face and hear it, too! And here he is with one of the first fish they reeled in.They caught mostly speckled trout and a few redfish. Here's Mason with one of the bigger redfish they caught.
And here he is with a speckled trout.
He's so proud of himself! By this time, he's casting his own reel, "catching" the fish and pulling them in all by himself.
And here's Abbie. I think this was a redfish.
I don't remember how many fish they came home with, but they did good. Here's Mason and Abbie with the fish they caught on their last day out.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Points

Well. Seth has always said he wouldn't kill anything unless it was big enough to mount. So when he called this afternoon to tell me he shot a deer, I didn't believe him. I really thought he was calling to mess with Mason because it was the first hunt of the season that Mason decided he just didn't want to go. But he wasn't kidding. It wasn't until after the phone call that the breadth and depth of his statement sunk in. If a deer was indeed killed at his hand, it was big enough to mount. So now I guess we have some new decor. I don't mind. Really, I don't. But I've been telling him for years that if we mount a deer, we also need a fish, wood duck and squirrel to go with it. I'm not kidding. Really, I'm not.
It's been a long time since Seth has been this excited. Yes. I know. He is obviously oozing with excitement . . . it's written all over his face . . . Oh. You can't tell? Well, just take my word for it. He is. If you know him, you know this is about as much excitement as you're going to get!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Memories: Christmas 2011

Christmas. It seems like so long ago! But here we are. Or, rather, were.

Mason and Hannah Kate woke up to Christmas stockings and a few gifts to open.
Hannah Kate was really excited about her new pajamas and bedroom slippers. She's really into slippers these days.And Mason just throws everything into a pile on the floor and then looks through his loot.
They didn't even notice their "big" gift sitting in the back yard . . . a trampoline! They absolutely love it. I never have to "send" them outside. They always beg to go out, even in the chilly weather.

After they quickly opened their gifts and went through their stockings, we went to church. After church we went to Connor's house to exchange gifts with him. He gave Mason a Razor Powerwing Scooter. Just google it. It's a lot of fun. And he gave Hannah Kate an Easy Bake Oven! Oh my, she loves it! We've made red velvet cupcakes and pretzels. The cupcakes were actually surprisingly good. And I really liked the pretzels.
And this was the best we could do at getting a picture of all three of them.Then we went to MawMaw's house for lunch and more gifts. Abbie, Mason and Hannah Kate couldn't wait to open their gifts. And isn't that the cutest hat (I guess that's what it's called . . . ?) that Abbie is rockin?Mason got some LSU wear.And . . . the only thing he asked for this year . . . a skateboard. I have no idea why in the world he asked for that. To my knowledge, he hadn't really seen one, hadn't tried to ride one. I really tried to discourage him. He finally said, "Well, I really want a skateboard. But I know you won't let me have one." So that melted my heart. And, by the way, a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards accompanied the skate board.Hannah Kate really wanted a purple dress for Emily, her American Girl doll. So that's what she got. And Abbie really wanted the double jogging stroller for her American Girl doll, Kit. I've already asked to borrow it once the baby arrives. I mean, check it out . . .
Hannah Kate also got a plasma car. So cute. And so fun. All the kids love it, even Connor.
And then . . . Abbie and Hannah Kate were given doll trunks for their American Girl dolls.PawPaw made these trunks for them. On the left side at the top is a rod for hanging all of their clothes. There are two drawers for bows, shoes and other accessories. MawMaw even got them a little plastic divided case for earrings and such. The doll fits into the right side. And then the trunk closes.

When we got home later that afternoon, we had to open all of the Georgia gifts. The original plan was to do that on Christmas Eve night, but Seth took us to see the bonfires on the levee, and we didn't get home in time to open gifts. At this point, I was very sick. So there are only a few pictures, most of which aren't the greatest.

Mason couldn't wait to open his gift from Pop and Mimi. I thought for sure he'd be able to guess what it was by the shape of the package, but he never did.It was a new fishing rod. He didn't have a strong enough rod for catching speckled trout and redfish. The next few days he put that rod to good use, as he, Seth, PawPaw, Barry and Abbie went fishing in Cocodrie.Pop and Mimi gave Hannah Kate a jewelry box with her name on it.She was absolutely thrilled, especially with the ballerina that twirls when you open the box and the little tune it plays. She would open it, close it, open it, close it. She also told me that the music was so pretty that it would help her sleep at night!And, if you have a jewelry box, you need jewelry to go in it! So they also gave her a necklace with several charms on it, including a ballerina and charm with her initial on it.There were so many more gifts, but I didn't get pictures of everything. But just wait until you see the loot that Emily (Hannah Kate's American Girl doll) pulled in! Let's just say that her trunk is absolutely full of clothes. She has more clothes and shoes than I do!
Troy, April, Avery and Beau were not here for Christmas, but they came the following weekend. We took the older kids ice skating. Here they are in front of the "old" State Capitol building.Ice skating was a little harder this time around. The ice was a lot slicker, and there were a lot of people. Avery was so sweet to help Mason nearly the entire time.Mason and Hannah Kate had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed their gifts and time with family and friends. For me, those days were a struggle. That was definitely the sickest I've ever been. It was even more difficult because it was to the point that I couldn't really play with Mason and Hannah Kate, couldn't assemble any new toys or read directions. I couldn't be there with them like I really wanted to. But they were so sweet and so understanding.

I can hardly wait to add Baby to the picture next Christmas!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The original title was thirteen . . .

. . . because today is January 13, and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant, and Mason will celebrate another birthday in exactly six months on July 13, which means the baby will either be a day old or arriving three days later . . . and the highlight of my day was another prenatal check-up and hearing the baby's heartbeat. But then there was an unexpected surprise ending that really merits a better title than thirteen. But I'm just so tired right now that I can't even think what that title would be. So here's what happened today.

Mason didn't have to go to school today because it was a Staff Development day. I woke up and washed my hair. I decided to get started on breakfast before drying it. After my biscuits were in the oven, I wanted to dry my hair while they were baking. Now several months ago, I decided to let my hair grow long again. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, and I'm usually trying to make it do something that it just won't do. So I decided that, at this point in my life, I just need to embrace it as it is and stop wasting 30-45 minutes every time I wash it, dry it and attempt to straighten it, which really doesn't work out the way I want it to. Besides, when the new baby arrives, I won't have that kind of time on my hands anymore for awhile.

So if I let it grow long, I can wear it "wavy." It's not really naturally curly. It's wavy. But it really needs to be a certain length before I can pull it off. And, honestly, it's not quite there yet. It needs to be a bit below my shoulders. Right now it's barely below my shoulders. I was running late this morning so there was no time for the dry/straighten routine. I whipped my diffuser out and blew the waves dry. Before pulling it back out of my face, I ran to the kitchen to take the biscuits out of the oven. When I passed through the family room, Mason said (or rather snickered), "Mom, what happened to your hair?" I turned around, looked at him and explained that I was wearing it "curly" today. He said, "Well, it looks silly."

Yeah, that isn't exactly what one wants to hear. And it gets better . . . after breakfast, we were brushing our teeth. Since I had somewhere to go, I actually put together an outfit instead of wearing the lounge clothes that I always wear when I'm home. Mason looked at me and said, "Golly, your stomach is HUGE." Really?!? Mason!!! I mean . . . it's only going to get a lot bigger.

So I went to the doctor. The nausea and sickness has subsided a lot during the past week so I've been able to eat a little more. I really expected to gain at least a pound or two this time. But I didn't. At least this time I lost only one pound. The baby's heartrate was a steady 160 BPM. Dr. K listened for a couple of minutes, and the heartbeat never once wavered or skipped. It was 160 strong. My next appointment is February 7, and we have a sonogram scheduled for February 28. And, no, we haven't changed our minds. You'll have to wait until July to find out what we're having! Is this not so much fun?!

It was a good day. Then Seth took me out to eat supper. After we ate, he asked me if I wanted to go to the mall. I told him I really didn't want to because there wasn't anything I needed, and I was really tired and didn't feel like walking around. He said he thought there was an Apple store in the mall, and I told him there is. So he took me, even though I explained to him that I wasn't really prepared to go to the Apple store. He gave me "the look."

And guess what?! I said goodbye to ole Betsy . . . . . . and hello iPhone 4S!And you should've seen the look on Apple Boy's face when I pulled out my antique to trade up. That whipper snapper was a mere 19 years old and a student at LSU. He'd obviously never seen a phone the likes of mine and couldn't understand why in the world I'd hang on to the same phone for five years. Well, nothing was wrong with it! But, alas, I'm sure I was his entertainment for the day.

And you know I had to pick out a cover for my new phone. I really didn't want to get the same really cute Kate Spade black and white polka dot cover that I picked out for my friend. And this time there were a lot more choices. I knew exactly which one I wanted so I grabbed it. And then Seth nearly fell out. He told me it was the ugliest one they had, and he couldn't believe I would pick that one. He said, "Paisley is so out."

Oh really, Mr. iPhone Snob? I think you're just jealous because you have only the 4, and I have Siri now!

Well, judge for yourself. I think it's absolutely darling and fits my personality perfectly.

Besides . . . wanna know my first thought when I saw it? I wish I could find a fabric patterned like this because I think it would make the most precious pillowcase dress or ruffle pants!

In the meantime, I have a lot to learn. My bestie spent her night last night texting me her favorite apps. And I've caught my phone (and it's ugly case) in my husband's hand more than once when he didn't know I was looking. I think I'm gonna like it. I really think I'm really gonna like it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hannah Kate's Bake Shoppe

On December 3, we celebrated Hannah Kate's 4th birthday with a baking-themed party. I can honestly say this was one of my favorite parties. It was a lot of fun planning everything, and Hannah Kate absolutely LOVED it. It's going to be super hard to top it next year.
We had sandwiches cut in the shapes of H and cupcakes . . . chips and dip . . . cupcake bites . . . chocolate dipped pink marshmallows . . . and, of course, birthday cake. My sweet friend made the cake. It was in the shape of a huge cupcake. And the top half was nothing but icing . . . a child's dream and a parent's worst nightmare! And, for thank you goodies, each child was sent home with M&M cookies in a jar and instructions for baking.

When everyone arrived, we first got ready to bake. All chefs need a chef's hat! I had printed each child's name on iron-on transfer paper and ironed it to the brims of the hats. So their first task was to make a flower for their hat using cupcake wrappers.And here are all the little chefs!After the hats were finished, we set to "baking." I gave each child half of an English muffin. They then made their own mini pizzas using Hannah Kate's favorite pizza toppings - cheese, pepperoni and black olives.Once the pizzas were finished, I popped them in the oven. Then each little chef was given a cupcake and various sprinkles and colored sugars so they could decorate their cupcakes.After everyone enjoyed eating their creations, Hannah Kate opened her gifts.There were so many wonderful gifts from family and friends . . .
And then, of course, the BIG moment came. I had set aside Hannah Kate's big sis shirt as the last gift she opened.I really don't think that in that moment she realized what was going on, what was going to happen. And I'm also pretty certain it was a shock to everyone at the party. The first reaction was, "How cute . . . Julie made her a shirt." And then the message on the shirt began to set in. There were squeals and cheers all around. And I think Hannah Kate was still a little confused at that point.

I just love surprises so it was a lot of fun to pull this one off. It was a great time of celebration for so many reasons. I feel like that, even now, the party continues!