Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Remember that new fishing rod that Mason got for Christmas from Pop and Mimi? Well, he's already put it to good use! The week after Christmas, Mason, Seth, PawPaw, Barry and Abbie spent several days fishing in Cocodrie. They stayed at Barry's camp. This was Mason's first experience salt water fishing. The fish have moved up into the bayous so they didn't actually have to go out into the open water. Mason has been fishing many times on the bank of the pond but never this. I so wish I could've been there! It's absolutely hilarious to hear the stories, especially from Abbie, about his reaction to the whole experience. She said there was never a dull moment with Mason.

So here he is on the first day. I know it was the first day because he was wearing a life jacket. I'm not sure what happened to the life jacket after that. I just know it seems to be missing in many of the pictures.
The first day they were out, Seth would cast the reel, "catch" the fish and then let Mason reel him in. Seth said that the first time they caught a fish and pulled it into the boat, Mason could hardly stand it. He was running up and down the length of the boat (because obviously there's nowhere else to go) yelling, "Gooolllllllllleeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! Look at that big ol' fish!" I can just hear him now. Unlike his daddy, there's no doubt when he's excited . . . you can see it on his face and hear it, too! And here he is with one of the first fish they reeled in.They caught mostly speckled trout and a few redfish. Here's Mason with one of the bigger redfish they caught.
And here he is with a speckled trout.
He's so proud of himself! By this time, he's casting his own reel, "catching" the fish and pulling them in all by himself.
And here's Abbie. I think this was a redfish.
I don't remember how many fish they came home with, but they did good. Here's Mason and Abbie with the fish they caught on their last day out.

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