Friday, January 13, 2012

The original title was thirteen . . .

. . . because today is January 13, and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant, and Mason will celebrate another birthday in exactly six months on July 13, which means the baby will either be a day old or arriving three days later . . . and the highlight of my day was another prenatal check-up and hearing the baby's heartbeat. But then there was an unexpected surprise ending that really merits a better title than thirteen. But I'm just so tired right now that I can't even think what that title would be. So here's what happened today.

Mason didn't have to go to school today because it was a Staff Development day. I woke up and washed my hair. I decided to get started on breakfast before drying it. After my biscuits were in the oven, I wanted to dry my hair while they were baking. Now several months ago, I decided to let my hair grow long again. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, and I'm usually trying to make it do something that it just won't do. So I decided that, at this point in my life, I just need to embrace it as it is and stop wasting 30-45 minutes every time I wash it, dry it and attempt to straighten it, which really doesn't work out the way I want it to. Besides, when the new baby arrives, I won't have that kind of time on my hands anymore for awhile.

So if I let it grow long, I can wear it "wavy." It's not really naturally curly. It's wavy. But it really needs to be a certain length before I can pull it off. And, honestly, it's not quite there yet. It needs to be a bit below my shoulders. Right now it's barely below my shoulders. I was running late this morning so there was no time for the dry/straighten routine. I whipped my diffuser out and blew the waves dry. Before pulling it back out of my face, I ran to the kitchen to take the biscuits out of the oven. When I passed through the family room, Mason said (or rather snickered), "Mom, what happened to your hair?" I turned around, looked at him and explained that I was wearing it "curly" today. He said, "Well, it looks silly."

Yeah, that isn't exactly what one wants to hear. And it gets better . . . after breakfast, we were brushing our teeth. Since I had somewhere to go, I actually put together an outfit instead of wearing the lounge clothes that I always wear when I'm home. Mason looked at me and said, "Golly, your stomach is HUGE." Really?!? Mason!!! I mean . . . it's only going to get a lot bigger.

So I went to the doctor. The nausea and sickness has subsided a lot during the past week so I've been able to eat a little more. I really expected to gain at least a pound or two this time. But I didn't. At least this time I lost only one pound. The baby's heartrate was a steady 160 BPM. Dr. K listened for a couple of minutes, and the heartbeat never once wavered or skipped. It was 160 strong. My next appointment is February 7, and we have a sonogram scheduled for February 28. And, no, we haven't changed our minds. You'll have to wait until July to find out what we're having! Is this not so much fun?!

It was a good day. Then Seth took me out to eat supper. After we ate, he asked me if I wanted to go to the mall. I told him I really didn't want to because there wasn't anything I needed, and I was really tired and didn't feel like walking around. He said he thought there was an Apple store in the mall, and I told him there is. So he took me, even though I explained to him that I wasn't really prepared to go to the Apple store. He gave me "the look."

And guess what?! I said goodbye to ole Betsy . . . . . . and hello iPhone 4S!And you should've seen the look on Apple Boy's face when I pulled out my antique to trade up. That whipper snapper was a mere 19 years old and a student at LSU. He'd obviously never seen a phone the likes of mine and couldn't understand why in the world I'd hang on to the same phone for five years. Well, nothing was wrong with it! But, alas, I'm sure I was his entertainment for the day.

And you know I had to pick out a cover for my new phone. I really didn't want to get the same really cute Kate Spade black and white polka dot cover that I picked out for my friend. And this time there were a lot more choices. I knew exactly which one I wanted so I grabbed it. And then Seth nearly fell out. He told me it was the ugliest one they had, and he couldn't believe I would pick that one. He said, "Paisley is so out."

Oh really, Mr. iPhone Snob? I think you're just jealous because you have only the 4, and I have Siri now!

Well, judge for yourself. I think it's absolutely darling and fits my personality perfectly.

Besides . . . wanna know my first thought when I saw it? I wish I could find a fabric patterned like this because I think it would make the most precious pillowcase dress or ruffle pants!

In the meantime, I have a lot to learn. My bestie spent her night last night texting me her favorite apps. And I've caught my phone (and it's ugly case) in my husband's hand more than once when he didn't know I was looking. I think I'm gonna like it. I really think I'm really gonna like it.

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