Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dolly D

Dolly Dingkle showed up at dance last week.  Dolly D is the accidental ballerina who needs a few lessons in how to be a ballerina in the first place.  And this is what Hannah Kate chose in honor of Dolly Dingkle week at the dance studio:
 Here is Hannah Kate and her teacher, Miss Courtney.  Hannah Kate really wanted Miss Jillian to be her teacher again this year, but she LOVES Miss Courtney because Miss Courtney teaches her "big girl steps."
 And here is Miss Courtney and her class of Dolly Dingkles.
One of the neat things about dance this year is that Abbie has class on Thursdays, too, so we get to see her every week.  So here they are in their Dolly Dingkle-est!
Miss Machita, Miss Courtney and Miss Jillian presented the theme for this year's recital and showed the girls their costumes.
I just love seeing all of the girls and their hair candy.  They were so cute; this pictures doesn't do them justice!
And, of course, Ellie got into the spirit of Dolly D, too!
A future Dolly D, perhaps?

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The Applings said...

Just wondering where Ellie's hair candy was? I know you like Big Bows. Precious pics & fun times!