Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Batman, a Pink Flamingo and a Peacock

Yes, we dressed up today.  Mason was Batman, Abbie was a peacock and Hannah Kate was a pink flamingo.
Batman was the superhero of choice this year.  And Hannah Kate wanted to be a pink flamingo.  She has always LOVED pink flamingoes.  And this year there was a pink flamingo costume in the Pottery Barn catalog.  She really wanted it, but I really didn't want to pay for it.  So I decided I could make her a pink flamingo costume.  In a way it turned out like I'd envisioned.  In a way it did not!  But she was thrilled with it.  You just have to use your imagination, I guess.  I'm really no good at this kind of stuff.  She already had the pink shirt and pink leggings.  I made the tutu with a little help from my friend who came and rescued me last night.  I've been trying to grow crystals for a science fair project and write a speech and campaign posters for a social studies project (for my 2nd grader!) so working on this pink flamingo costume wasn't exactly a priority!  And then we pinned some feathers in her hair.  She was thrilled!  And I was, too, because this was a lot cheaper than the Pottery Barn costume!
Here is Mason and his friend Cole. 
And here's our cute little Indian!  Connor just melted my heart tonight.  I miss him so much!  He has grown into quite the little man.  He calls me Nanny Jew-ee, and I just love it!  I can't believe it's been seven months since he left us to start "school."  I can't believe he stayed with us for two years and is now two and a half years old! 
Ellie stayed with MawMaw while we went to Boo on the Bayou.  The local businesses hand out candy to all of the kids.  Afterwards we went on a hayride with Cole and Connor and their family and ate hotdogs.  Mason and Hannah Kate had a blast . . . they are so innocent and just love that there is a day set aside to dress up.  So that's what we did today.  We dressed up.

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