Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Day

Well, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat . . . wondering whether or not my waterproof mascera held out today! Why, yes it did!

So we were on our way to school this morning for the graduation ceremony . . . waiting for the crossing guard to allow us to turn into the school . . . and you'll never believe what song came on the radio at that very moment. Blink. And, no, I didn't cry. I smiled. Because, you know, isn't that just like God . . . to meet us right where we are? To give us a Word at just the right time when we need it the most?

Here's Mason . . . in his cap and gown . . . with his beloved Ms. Alexander. Or, should I say, OUR beloved Ms. Alexander!
All of the kindergarteners marched in from the back of the gym. At this point, Mason is all bobble head. He just couldn't leave that tassle alone and kept swinging it back and forth in front of his face. That's my boy!
Proud moment . . . So after various and sundry announcements and welcomes and presentations, 80 of the cutest kids you've ever seen are awarded their kindergarten medals and diplomas.
At this point, I was doing really good! My mascera is still intact, and I hadn't even pulled the kleenex out!
But then . . . something happened that I had no idea was going to happen. I actually don't even have any pictures of it because it was just so unexpected, so shocking. I'm sure you're just dying to know . . . on the edge of your seat . . . but I'm going to save it for later. If you look closely in the picture below, you might can figure out what I'm talking about. But I promise to fill you in on the details in a later post. And here's me and my boy . . . my pride and joy . . . he made this Mama proud today! And everyday, actually . . .
BLINK. Mason graduated from kindergarten today.

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The Applings said...

So proud of that boy, and glad to see that he finally got his TROPHY...he is beaming! I know you were all thrilled!!