Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hanging Out with Pop and Mimi

At the beginning of last week (before we had our Fourth fun), Pop and Mimi came for a visit.  The kids were so very excited and really enjoyed hanging out with them.  And that's pretty much all we did.  A lot of hanging out.
We celebrated a couple of upcoming birthdays.  Because why not?  You can never begin too early!

Mason is really into Star Wars lately so he had a blast putting his new Lego set together.  No matter how big or how small, he puts them together in one sitting.  This was the largest, most complicated one he's ever done.  It took him about four hours or so.

We read books and played games.  It rained most all of one day so we stayed inside.
We went swimming and out to eat.  We also did a little baking.  Mimi brought me a special delivery and helped me bake my annual 4th of July homemade including-the-crust-from-scratch peach pie.  I made it a few days early, and it didn't make it to the Fourth, but that's okay.

I made a cobbler with the rest of the peaches.  Now this is comfort food at its best!
We had a nice little visit.  It was short, but it was good.  Ellie asked if she could go home with Pop and Mimi.  Needless to say, she's still in Louisiana!

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