Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mason's birth-DAY-O-FUN

I have to be totally honest.  I have a hard time doing the "boy thing" sometimes.  Because boys are dirt and noise and toots and just all kinds of other things.  The only dirt I like comes in the form of sand that's been kissed by waves from a tropical location.  And I much prefer quiet, especially when I'm reading or working or cooking or doing pretty much anything.  And I don't do bodily functions at. all. because that's just none of my business and something you should keep to yourself.  I'm all girl through and through.  I used to always want a sister.  But I sure am glad I had a brother so I could at least be a little bit prepared for the wonderful world of boys.

As Mason has gotten older, the boy thing has gotten even harder.  I mean, I'm totally no good at sports at all and can barely throw him a pitch worth hitting.  My idea of camping includes a black and white TV at the Holiday Inn.  And I'm sure I mentioned already about I feel about toots.  Well, just go ahead and throw burping in with that, too.  But, y'all, I'm trying real hard with this boy thing.  

Mason's birthday is Sunday.  I can remember the days not so long ago when I was looking forward to getting out of the "birthday party phase."  It was rather hard to convince him last year that he was "too big" for a party and that it would instead be more appropriate to invite a friend or two over for whatever.  Well, this year he was all about it.  He's been talking about this day for at least six months.  He wanted to invite three of his best buddies to go to the arcade for games, bowling and laser tag.

I have to be honest again.  I begged him for a real party this year.  I even told him I'd rent one of those big water slides for the back yard.  But do you know he would have none of it?!  Because arcade.  games.  bowling.  laser tag.  NOT.  MY.  THING.  But it's what he had his little almost 9 year old heart set on, and, of course, I couldn't disappoint.

The party started last night after church when two of his buddies came over for a sleepover.  Y'all.  Boy sleepovers are worse than girl slumber parties any day of the week!  These crazies were up until after 1:00AM this morning!  I had to literally make them go to sleep.  And then I heard the Nerf guns going off at 6:00AM this morning.  By 8:00 they were outside jumping on the trampoline and racing all manner of bikes and power toys down the driveway.   
We picked up one more buddy before heading out for Mason's birth-DAY-O-FUN.  We ate lunch at his favorite little chicken place.  And then we went to the arcade.  They bowled three games.  And they played I don't know how many games of laser tag.  We were there for 4 1/2 hours.  At the arcade.  With all kinds of noise and lights and loud and crazy.  These kids had a blast though.  I didn't get to watch them play laser tag because I wasn't about to pay to just go in there and sit.  But I really enjoyed watching them bowl, especially when they were trying to coax the ball this way or that as it was hitting the pins.
I tried to snap a few pictures but didn't even look at them until I got home.  This one made me laugh.  I don't know what Mason is doing.  He's either air bowling or dancing or about to through up a peace sign.
There were five big screens in the bowling alley.  The two screens on the end were showing Food Network.  I kid you not.  You couldn't hear it because the music was blaring loud.  The screen in the middle was tuned to ESPN.  And the other two screens showed music videos.  Look closely and you'll see Elsa belting out "Let It Go."  So it really wasn't so bad.  
After the madness of the arcade, I was craving silence and still and quiet, but we went to Dairy Queen instead for ice cream.
Oh, and one more thing.  When they were finished playing games, they traded in their tickets for prizes.  I Ieft that place with four boys and three whoopee cushions.  I. kid. you. not.  Did you hear what I said?  Whoopee cushions.  It took us 20 minutes to get back home, by which time two of them were already busted because they had a contest in the truck to see who could make the biggest toot with their whoopee cushions.  Y'all, I literally wanted to crawl out the window.  But at least the cushions didn't last very long!

I think Mason's smile says it all.  He had a great time with his buddies, and he was so excited that they were all able to come with us today.  One of the things I've prayed for each of my children is that God would give them good friends from Christian homes.  I am so thankful for each of these sweet boys and their families, and I look forward to watching them grow up together.

It was such a great day!  But now I think it's time for a spa day!  And Starbuck's.  

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Kori Page said...

Lol, Julie, you crack me up! That party seriously sounds like something my daughter & my two little sisters would do. Every time Karli is at the store & spots a whoopee cushion she begs me to buy it for her. And she's trying to master arm farts. Yep, you read correctly. Arm.Farts. LOL! I am glad Mason enjoyed his day! Tell your husband you definitely deserve a day at the spa. Looking forward to your next blog!