Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Today it's about what you DON'T see.

I didn't take any pictures today.  Zip.  Zero.  None.

And not because we were at the pool again and who wants to see a gazillion pictures at the pool that all look the same as yesterday's pictures at the pool!  I didn't take any pictures today because instead of trying to capture the perfect moment on my camera for us to look back at afterwards, I JOINED the moment.

This is the week every year that my kids have a love-hate relationship with.  It's the week before Vacation Bible School.  And Momma's the director so that means lots of time at lots of places and doing lots of things that kids don't necessarily enjoy doing, like the almost two hours on Monday at our new Costco so I could check out the store, become familiar with the layout, check out their inventory and make a list of how many what-evers come in each box and feed how many people for how much money since I have to feed over 200 people next Thursday night.  But they know what's coming next week, and they can hardly contain themselves.  Except for the fact that they've been listening to the VBS music for over a month now so Momma, who is also the music rotation leader in addition to being the director, can learn the songs and the choreography.  So they're pretty much over the music, and it hasn't even started yet!

I spent most of the day yesterday in my office working on stuff for VBS.  It was a day of thunderstorms, and we needed an inside day anyway.  But today I took the morning off.  I knew the thunderstorms were coming again this afternoon so we hit the pool this morning.  I wore my swimsuit to the pool again today.  Until this summer, I hadn't worn my swimsuit in three years except for when we went to the beach.  Because I had issues.  So silly!  And not only did I wear my swimsuit again today, but I got my hair wet, too!  

I played with Ellie on the steps for a good while, but then I got a wild and crazy hair.  I did a cannonball off the diving board!  I know . . . I'm living on the edge now!  Seriously, I thought Mason was going to pass out!  I don't know that he's ever seen me jump off the diving board before.  Do it again, Mama, do it again!  So I did.  And then do you know what happened?  Ellie wanted to jump off the diving board, too!  This is the same child who hasn't gotten off the steps this whole summertime and screams her little head off if you even think about dunking her in the water.  She jumped off that diving board six times and even "swam" to the shallow end.  She kicked those little legs and moved those arms.  She jumped up and down and squealed as we did the motor boat.  Mason and Hannah Kate swam with us and cheered her on.  It was the most fun two hours at the pool I've ever had!

Sure, I'd love to have a picture of Ellie standing on the diving board or splashing through the water.  I would've captured the moment on my camera.  But I would've MISSED the moment in so doing.  There was no time for pictures today.  I was too busy doing cannon balls!


Kori Page said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure, Julie. I know as a mom myself there are plenty of times I've been more concerned with mom duties than with just enjoying my kids and too soon they'll be out on their own, leaving me longing for mom-child moments.

Michelle said...

I love this. This so sounds like my life this summer. Director and music leader of our VBS...shopped for food at Sam's, etc. I too often sit at the pool reading over homeschool curriculum magazines and selecting what we will be doing fit the fall, that I have not participated in the MOMENT. You have encouraged me today to do just that. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Blessings in Him,