Monday, December 17, 2012

Ellie: 5 Months Old

Dear Ellie:

You were five months old yesterday!  And, let me tell you, it wasn't easy capturing you at five months!  This is why:
Yes, my girl, you are growing up.  You are no longer an infant.  You are a baby.  And I know you won't be a baby for very long.  So I am enjoying this so much, enjoying you so very much!  I'll be honest though.  Content is not a word I would use to describe you this month.  You love to be held and touched, and you want my undivided attention, especially when you are tired.  That just so happens to occur mostly between the afternoon hours of 3 and 7, at which time I am doing homework with Mason, cooking supper and beginning the bath time routine for the three of you.  Those have not been your happiest hours as of late.  You are a morning girl.  You always wake up happy.  When it's time for your morning nap, you do tend to get fussy now.  You love to sleep, but you do not like going to sleep.  You are afraid you are going to miss something!  You love to watch people and figure out what's going on around you.

You still wear a size 2 diaper.  You also still wear size 6 month clothes.  You will soon move up to 9 month sizes in your footed sleepers though.  This was a very busy month!  Your biggest accomplishment this month was learning to eat from a spoon!  That's right . . . you're eating cereal now.  I began feeding you cereal the week after Thanksgiving because I thought that might help you be a little more content throughout the day and in the evening.  It didn't quite work out that way, but you do love your cereal.  You are still nursing, and you are obviously quite attached!  Daddy and I went to his office Christmas party one evening, and you stayed with MawMaw.  I left a bottle for you, but you refused it.  Instead, you waited on me to get back.  We tried a few more times with the bottle, but you've refused it each time. 

And speaking of Thanksgiving . . . your first Thanksgiving was really not at all like Thanksgiving!  Mason had the flu so we stayed here to take care of him and missed all of the festivities.

Your other big accomplishment this month was rolling over!  You rolled over three times for Mrs. Elise and Mrs. Renee at Bible study two weeks ago.  I missed it!  I kept waiting for you to roll over for me, but you wouldn't do it.  Until this morning. You rolled from your back to your stomach.  But then you got stuck, and you got really aggravated since you don't like being on your tummy anyway, and you couldn't roll back over.  Technically, though, that didn't happen during your fifth month since that was yesterday. 

You love to look at the lights on the Christmas tree.  You also love to play with your toys.  It is a must for you to have something in your hands to play with.  It's hard to keep socks and shoes on your feet now because you always pull them off and put them in your mouth.  If you don't have anything in your hands, you are grabbing at the closest thing you can get your hands on.  You aren't quite sitting up by yourself yet, but you are getting very close.

And since you're getting to be such a big girl, you graduated from the cradle to the crib, too.  You looked so big laying in your cradle.  I rather enjoyed laying you down in the crib because it makes you look a little smaller now since you don't fill it up.  You continue to be such a good night time sleeper.  You go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00, and you usually sleep until 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00 before waking up for a feeding.  Your wake-up time has been less predictable this month, but I don't mind.  After your feeding, you go right back to sleep until 7:00 or so.

I have so many pictures I wanted to share with you today, but my internet connection and my computer just aren't cooperating this evening.  So we'll do that another day.

There is no doubt that you are a special girl!  I look forward to each and every new day with you and your brother and sister.  I love you so very much!


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