Monday, November 05, 2012

Right At My Fingertips

GIVING THANKS | Day 5:  Today I am thankful for my "smart" phone.  Yes, I am being serious.  I knew when my husband landed in Denver this morning for his connecting flight to Wyoming because he sent me a text.  I knew immediately when he landed safely in Casper because he sent me a text.  He even sent me a couple of pictures so I could see what he's seeing.  I have to admit that I really don't like it when he's that far away from us, but it makes him seem not-so-far-away when I can quickly receive or send him a message.  So that is the main reason I am thankful for my phone!

I love "talking" to my friends both near and very far away throughout the day.  We don't always have time or opportunity for a phone call so texting allows us to keep in touch until we do have time for a live chat.  I love sending and receiving encouraging Bible verses, requesting and sending prayers.

I love that I can quickly check Facebook for quick updates from friends and family.  And even though I'm separated from many of them by a lot of miles, I can still watch their children grow and, in a way, be a part of their lives.

I love that I can catch up on the latest current events and news stories at the touch of a button, especially since I do not have time to sit down and watch the news on television.

I love that I can pull up a recipe in the middle of the grocery store because I left my grocery list at home or just didn't bother to write one out.

And I haven't even mentioned Pinterest yet!

I don't tweet so I won't mention Twitter.

I remember the day when we didn't even have cell phones, much less smart phones.  And now I have no idea how in the world I ever got by without one (not to mention it was only this past January that I even got my first-ever smart phone)!

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