Sunday, November 04, 2012

Happy 10 Years Old!

So yesterday I mentioned that I really enjoyed some time in the kitchen with Mason and Hannah Kate.  We made a strawberry cake for a special birthday girl.  But first of all, here's our cake:
I can't say it was made from scratch, but I can say it's semi-homemade.  And it was pretty good.  It wasn't my favorite bakery strawberry cake, but I might make it again.

And as for the birthday girl . . . my most favorite niece in the whole wide world is TEN YEARS OLD today!
I just can not believe she is 10!  I remember the day she was born . . . it took awhile for her to get here.  I was at work, and I was sure I was going to miss it so Seth and I planned to go to the hospital after we got home to see her.  When we got there, she had just been born, and we had to wait awhile to see her, thinking they would already be settled into a room.  There were SO MANY friends and family crammed into that tiny hallway.  I should've counted, but I didn't.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were nearly 50 of us.  I think the thing I remember most is the grin on Ashley's face.  She'd waited many years for the arrival of this baby.  And now, to think she's no longer a baby!  Well, to Barry and Ashley she still is and always will be.
So here's to 10 years, my favorite niece and my children's most favorite girl cousin!
GIVING THANKS | Day 4: I'm thankful for birthdays!  I love celebrating friends and family on their special day.  I'm thankful for Abbie.  She is such a wonderful big cousin to Mason, Hannah Kate and Ellie, and they love her so.  They'll do anything for her!  This morning Mason left his Bible at home, even though I specifically told him to grab his Bible before getting in the truck to go to church.  Later in the day at MawMaw's house, I heard Mason apologize to Abbie for leaving his blue binder (Their favorite thing to do is play school.  Several months back, Abbie made a binder for Mason and one for Hannah Kate.  They are to have it with them every time they play school!) at home, saying he didn't have time to grab it before he left to go to church.  Really?!?  When I questioned him about his Bible, he didn't apologize for leaving it at home!  He will toe the line for Abbie.  But my line is rather crooked!  Abbie loves my children, and she is such a big helper.

I'm also thankful for my nephews.  Beau celebrated his 10th birthday last week.  I wish we could see Avery and Beau more often, but they live in Houston.  Their last trip here was Labor Day weekend.  School had just started.  I was asking Beau about his class and his teacher.  And this is what he tells me:  "Well. I am at a HUGE disadvantage this year."  Conversations with Beau are PRICELESS!  I can't wait to see what he is going to be when he grows up!  I think perhaps a politician (in a good way!) or a lobbiest.  Maybe even a lawyer.

Avery will celebrate his 14th birthday next week!  It has been a joy watching him grow up.  He was six months old when I came to Louisiana as a summer missionary and first met the Bayham family.  And now he's almost driving!  Mason especially thinks the world of Avery.

And my two littliest nephews live in Georgia.  I love to hear my Mama tell stories about Jones.  He is one of the calmest, mild-mannered, laid back little boys I've ever met!  Mason and Hannah Kate are very protective of him (even though we don't see him that often).  Right now they're very concerned because Jones hasn't met Ellie yet!  And Judd will soon be a year old in January.  We've seen him only once since he was born, and that does make me kind of sad.  I saw a picture of him the other day, and I honestly wouldn't have known it was him had not Jones been in the picture with him!  That made me really sad.  He's grown and changed so much, and we'll be celebrating his birthday before I know it.

Yes, this is one Auntie who's really blessed!

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