Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tutus, tights . . . and tears

This past Thursday was Hannah Kate's first "dance" class. We registered her for a tap and ballet class at Machita & Co., the same studio where Abbie takes lessons. Hannah Kate just loved Abbie's last recital, and she loves to "dance," so . . . why not? I took ballet and tap lessons for all of two years before I begged my Mama to let me take piano lessons. She told me that I couldn't do both, which really was music to my ears because I just really did not like those dance lessons. I traded in my slippers and taps for a piano and never looked back!

We spent Wednesday shopping for ballet shoes, tights and a leotard. She was so excited and such the cutest thing modeling the leotards we had narrowed down her choices to. I told her she could only take one home. And I told her which one was my favorite. But, of course, it wasn't her favorite. I was so very tempted to get both of them, but I didn't. I mean, the one she picked out is cute enough. It's very simple. It actually reminds me of one of her swimsuits, and I really think that's why she picked it. But the one I really liked . . . it was so dainty and elegant. But anyway. She's three years old, for goodness sakes! So we got her shoes, her tights, her dancing outfit and a bag . . . oh, and not to mention a big, fat pink bow! So she was ready.
Just for kicks . . . here's a picture of the leotard I picked out. Except it was pictured in blue and not pink on the website, which really doesn't do it any justice AT ALL. It's so much cuter than this, especially on strawberry blondes named Hannah Kate! I just love the cap sleeves and the detail at the neck. There is a small "diamond starburst" on the left side of the skirt up near the waist.
All day Thursday she kept asking me . . . how long? . . . when is Mason going to be home? . . . when can I get dressed? We even watched her Olivia Takes Ballet DVD after lunch. I explained to her that she would be in a class with other little girls her age and that Miss Machita would be her teacher. I also told her that I would not be in the room with her but that I would wait on her. She seemed fine with all of that so I thought we were ready.

So Mason got off the bus, we ate a quick snack and we got dressed. Hannah Kate was SO excited. This was going SO well. We loaded up and left. I had allowed time for us to get there five minutes early. After all, if you aren't on time, you're late. And the earlier, the better. What I didn't take into account was the possibility that we would get stuck in traffic on the interstate. And we did. I still had to drop Connor off, but Kayla knew I was then running late and called and told me she would meet us at the dance studio. So we pulled into the parking lot and ran inside at 4:03. Miss Machita had already taken the class into their practice room. I quickly changed Hannah Kate into her ballet slippers and pretty much shoved her into the room with the other girls. I waited a brief second, and she seemed fine. I wasn't worried anyway because one of her friends from church is also in her dance class. So I headed back out the door to grab Connor's diaper bag and hand him over to Kayla. I got Mason's homework out of the truck, and we went back inside.

I was already flustered from being late . . . I HATE being late . . . so I really wasn't paying any attention to anything around me. And then Mason said, "Yeah, that's Hannah Kate." As I came back to reality, I realized that the little girl screaming hysterically, "MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" was Hannah Kate. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, and the screaming persisted. So I went to the door to see if I could peek inside. That's when I realized they had moved to yet another room. So she was actually two rooms over from where I was, and everyone could still hear her! I peeked in the door and saw her standing on the end on the front row. She was bawling her eyes out. One of the assistants saw me and shooed me away. I told her to just let me know if they needed me to take Hannah Kate out of class.

Her lesson is a one-hour class, but Miss Machita dismissed them after 45 minutes. That was one of the longest 45 minutes of my life! And, of course, "Hannah Kate's mom" was called in to have a discussion with Miss Machita. By this time, Hannah Kate wasn't crying anymore, but her eyelids were beet red and very swollen. The blue marker ink on her name tag had run and bled down the front of her new pink leotard. It was a pitiful sight. Miss Machita just gave Hannah Kate a hug and told me that if I had my camera, it would be a great scrapbook moment. Well, of course I had my camera!
Now . . . just between you and me . . . I was sort of secretly hoping that the blue marker was a permanent stain . . . because then I'd be totally justified in going back and purchasing the OTHER leotard! But let's just say that Oxi Clean and a little cold water worked some magic, and Hannah Kate's favorite leotard is as good as new now!

We decided that we're going to go back next week and try again. Miss Machita moved several of the other girls into a different class so Hannah Kate's class will be smaller next time. Maybe that will help. For the longest time, Hannah Kate would not talk about dance. at. all. But when I was giving her a bath later that evening, I broached the subject again and asked her if she would like to go back. She told me yes. And then she said, "Mama, I not cry no more."

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