Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Break: Day 5

The first surprise came last night. Seth actually came home a day early! The second surprise came today. Seth took the day off! Now, in general, I like surprises. But I had mixed feelings about today's surprise. I mean . . . if I would've known that he was going to be home today, I'd have planned something. Something BIG. Something FUN. But it didn't work out the way I would've planned. And that's okay, too.

After breakfast, Seth asked me if I wanted to go with him to take care of a few errands. I went, along with the three children, Connor included. Basically I sat in the truck with the kids while Seth ran around town taking care of some "man" things. I didn't ask questions. I was honestly enjoying the time to sit and do nothing, chase no one. One of the errands was Home Depot. I usually don't let Seth go in that store without me. He generally doesn't stick to "the list." But today I just didn't care. As a matter of fact, I had no idea what he even went there for.

Fast forward. When we get home, I send Mason and Hannah Kate outside to play. I knew Seth was going to change the oil and filter in the tractor so I just assumed that's what he was doing. I sat myself and Connor down to watch the Royal Wedding, which I had DVR'd.

Side note. Can I just tell you how much I love DVR?!? I mean, I don't watch that much television. I don't have time! Besides, we try to limit our viewing time anyway. But now we spend even LESS time in front of the TV. I usually DVR my three or four favorite shows and watch them later after everyone is in bed. I can fast forward through the commercials, making a 1-hour program around 40 minutes or so. And not only that . . . I set my DVR for the Roay Wedding, not my alarm clock for 3:30AM!

So I'm watching the wedding (and it's great because I can just breeze on through those long, drawn out royal arrivals), and Seth comes to the door and summons me outside. I really didn't want to go. But I did. And I discovered what the errand to Home Depot yielded today. It had nothing to do with the tractor!
Let's just say that Mason absolutely LOVES his new swing. And that would be an understatement!Now. Hannah Kate, on the other hand, would only sit on the swing long enough for me to get a picture. At this point, she wants nothing to do with it.So she asked me to take a picture of her climbing the spider web instead. That girl loves to climb!

It wasn't SeaWorld . . . or that fabulous San Antonio Tex-Mex food . . . but it was a great week! I'm not bitter. Really. I'm not.

Have I mentioned that spring break is officially over? (Insert long, wistful sigh.) But there are only three weeks of school left. And counting . . . but who's counting?!? I AM!

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