Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break: Day 4

Today we went to the park . . . a really awesome park in Baton Rouge. It was recently renovated and updated with the latest and greatest in playground equipment. We'll definitely be spending a lot of time here!

Mason and Hannah Kate (and Ray-Ray and Connor) had a great time. Even better than the playground equipment was this, for lack of a better word, spider web. Mason spent a lot of time on this thing, and Hannah Kate even climbed up nearly to the top, too.
I just love this beautiful face!And, I promise . . . Connor had fun . . . even though he wore his "serious face" most all day. But he loves to swing so that's where he spent a lot of time.But . . . even better than the spider web . . . if it can get any better . . . is the splash pad!

I have to mention, first of all, that it was an unseasonably cooler day in south Louisiana today. The high was only in the upper 70s, and it was very windy. This is actually a dream, and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I was concerned that it would be too chilly for the kids to play in the water. I took their swimsuits so they would at least have the option, but I didn't expect them to use them, especially Hannah Kate.

I was wrong. I love it when I'm wrong!

We spent three hours at the park before going to eat lunch at Chic-fil-A (or Chicken Flay as my kids call it!) with some friends. And since Chic-fil-A is in the Target parking lot, you know I had to stop in there as well.

It was a delightful day in every way . . . I even washed the windows (inside and out!) when we got home (I know Ray-Ray thinks I'm weird. But clean windows are a must, especially when you have as many as we do. And I stick to a tight cleaning schedule so they are washed once a quarter and then in between as needed. That was too much information.) . . . so clean windows make me a happy girl . . .

But I also have to say that my heart has been very heavy today for friends in Alabama and Georgia. I must admit . . . I got so aggravated last night . . . I was up late flipping through the national news channels trying to find coverage of the devastation in Alabama and what was currently going on in Georgia, but all they wanted to talk about was the royal wedding and a certain someone's birth certificate. I had to settle for the Weather Channel. The devastation is . . . incomprehensible, really. And right in my back yard, too. There is massive damage where I grew up, and my parents said a tornado passed about two or so miles from their house. I am so very thankful that all of my friends and family are safe. But I do grieve for those who have lost so much. My prayers for you are constant!

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