Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last (two) Weekend(s)

The last two weekends, Saturdays especially, were crazy busy. Too busy. But we had a lot of fun and a lot of memories.

Two Saturdays ago started out once again at the ball park.
Mason was particularly excited because he got to play first base today. If you aren't familiar with t-ball . . . the kids hit the ball (no matter how many swings it takes!),and they run to first base. They make their way around the bases as the other batters hit. There are no strikes or outs. When the ball is fielded, the kids are taught to throw the ball to first base (even if the runner has already made it there!). So Mason knew he would get a lot of action. The only thing is . . . he's still a little shy about the ball headed his way. He stood his ground, but he mostly threw his glove up in the air (while attempting to protect his head with his other hand) just hoping the ball would land there and not on top of his head or his nose! I can't say I blame him too much. Four and five-year-olds don't exactly have the accuracy required for the ball to make it safely into the glove of the first baseman. And then once the first baseman has the ball, he has to throw it to home plate. After the game, we went to Connor's birthday party.

And then we went back home, got baths and dressed to attend Abbie's first Communion.We went to Barry and Ashley's afterwards for a crawfish boil, but I didn't take any pictures of that. If you've seen one pot of mudbugs, you've seen them all.

And then last Saturday was just as busy.

As usual, we were at the ballpark bright and early (well, maybe not that early, but it sure did seem early) for Mason's last t-ball game. One of the many reasons that t-ball is so much fun to watch is what I lovingly call the dogpile. When the ball is hit, nearly all 10 kids on the team go for it and end up piling up all over each other to see who is the first one to come up with it. Mason got it this time around. Notice number 3 still rolling around in the grass! And, of course, who can resist this doll face?After the game was the "awards ceremony," which really consisted of the Director of the program donning each play with a medal. I think Mason was disappointed again . . . he really wants a trophy!
We left the ballpark and hurried to church for our Easter Eggstravganza . . . AKA Easter egg hunt and other activities.I don't know . . . I guess she got her basket confused with her bonnet . . . ?
And then . . . AFTER THAT . . . we still weren't finished . . . Hannah Kate and I had the pleasure of attending Abbie's dance recital. But this wasn't just any dance recital. This was her FIVE YEAR dance recital. That means that she had the privilege of dancing on stage by herself while Barry and Ashley waited "in the wings" to lavish her with flowers and other gifts. She takes tap and ballet, and she did a fabulous job with all of her dances, especially her solo. My favorite was her ballet . . . she and the other girls in her class danced WITH THEIR DADDIES to You Are the Sunshine of My Life. It was more than precious! Her tap routine was really cute, and she said it was her favorite. I had my new camera with me, hoping to get some good shots of her on stage (especially with her daddy!), but I was sitting in the back of the auditorium and had a lap full of a certain 3-year-old who really was mesmerized by the whole thing . . . and the lighting was not good either, which meant I didn't have my camera on the right settings because I'm still trying to learn how to use the thing! This is probably the best picture I got . . .
Can I just tell you that this Saturday . . . we have NO PLANS! And I can't wait! Not to mention . . . spring break has just begun . . . and I am SUPER EXCITED!

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