Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Connor!

I can't believe it's been a year . . .

Last June, Mason, Hannah Kate and I welcomed a new little guy into our home everyday while his Mommy and Daddy work. Connor was almost 10 weeks old when he came to stay with us the first time. I remember that day so very well . . . I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I wasn't sure how Mason and Hannah Kate would react. I just really didn't know. But that first day, Mason and Hannah Kate were so excited! They wanted to hold him, feed him, even change his diaper. They were, and still are, very protective of him. Connor slept a lot during those first few months, and Hannah Kate would just sit on the floor and stare at him, waiting on him to wake up. Connor seemed so little . . . And I finally had to give in and let them hold Connor because they would not leave me alone!
And now our little guy is ONE! He has grown so much, and he's a joy to have everyday. Mason and Hannah Kate still adore him, and the feeling is mutual. Every morning when Connor arrives, the first thing he does is look for Hannah Kate. Sometimes she's still asleep. And he just loves when Mason gets home from school each afternoon. It's much harder now to get a picture of the three of them together, but here they are. This past Saturday, in between Mason's t-ball game and Abbie's 1st Communion, we attended Connor's birthday party. Here I am with the birthday boy.And let me tell you . . . Connor knew this day was all about him! He was really into opening his presents, and he actually opened each one. I've never seen a 1-year old this into opening presents! He got really aggravated when Mommy took one away to give him another.When Connor unwrapped his 4-wheeler, he couldn't wait to get on it. He was bouncing up and down and giving us all a good laugh.
When we sang Happy Birthday, Connor knew it was for him. He clapped and smiled and wanted us to keep on singing.

Before it came time to cut the cake, we tried to get a picture of Connor with his cake. But he couldn't keep his hands out of it! And who wouldn't . . . I mean, look at this cake! Kayla's Aunt Rita Lynn made it . . . she said it was a work in progress over several days. Well, that cake would've taken me several YEARS! So when Mommy wouldn't let Connor put his hand in the cake . . .. . . he decided he'd go for his feet in the cake instead! He's a little rascal!And here he is with his smash cake . . .This is my favorite picture of the day . . . HOORAY FOR CAKE! This sums up Connor's spunky personality perfectly! He's a mess!

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The Applings said...

He is adorable! What a special experience your kids are getting to enjoy with Connor around. I LOVE that cake, and I LOVE your hair! You look gorgeous (as always) Hugs!