Monday, March 07, 2011

A Pinkarific Day!

Last Saturday-a-week-ago, Ashley and I took Abbie and Hannah Kate to see Pinkalicious the Musical.I just love all things performing arts and always have. Long ago I always envisioned my husband-to-be and I enjoying the arts . . . concerts, symphonies, plays, musicals and the like. Well, let's just say that's everything Seth isn't! Of course, I knew this from the very beginning, but I was sort of hoping to convert him. So our first Christmas together (dating/engaged), he came to Georgia. And the first thing I did was purchase tickets for us to see The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta! I was so excited . . . couldn't wait! I mean, who doesn't just fall in love with the Fox?!?

I can remember the very first time I went there . . . Grandmother took me to see Show Boat starring Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubbing on The Love Boat). We went to a matinee performance, and I can remember just standing in the lobby in awe and then being absolutely amazed when I took my seat in the theatre. I can also remember exactly what dress I wore, too!

So let's just say Seth didn't exactly experience the same awe and amazement. When it was over, he very politely, yet firmly, told me he would never go to The Nutcracker again! If I'm being honest, the ballet was probably a bit extreme for him! I mean, this is a froggin', crawfish eatin', four-wheeler ridin', t-shirt and wranglers kind of guy!

My second attempt came several years later in 2004. I decided I wanted to purchase a pair of season tickets (meaning one for me and one for Seth!) for the Broadway in Baton Rouge series. But before buying the season tickets, I opted to buy a pair of tickets to Fiddler on the Roof, which just so happens to be another of my favorites (thank you, Sara Beth Turner!). I thought this might be more Seth's speed. So I did, and we went, and he was very gracious. I thought I might have a chance. But that was also the time I found out I was pregnant with Mason, and it seemed like season tickets for the Broadway in Baton Rouge series and an infant didn't quite go together so well. So I didn't purchase the tickets. Besides, Seth was only slightly more impressed this time and probably even more emphatic about it just not being "his thing."

But when my girl was born . . . one of the things I was most looking forward to was sharing with her my love for the performing arts! I've been waiting three years for her to be old enough to sit through a show and also for the perfect show to come along. And it did! PINKALICIOUS THE MUSICAL! How precious is that?!?
It really was a precious musical. But it wasn't the performance I enjoyed so much . . . it was the look of awe and amazement on Hannah Kate's little face as she took it all in . . . she DID NOT MOVE the entire time!

The cast came out afterwards to sign autographs and take pictures, but Hannah Kate would have none of that. Regardless, Pinkalicious was very gracious and super sweet.
As for me, I can not wait until the next time! And I can honestly say that neither can Hannah Kate!


Mama said...

Oh, would I love to be close enough to be "artsy" with you two!!! Here I am, a native Georgian, and I've never been to the FOX... Your Daddy should surprise me sometime . . . I think I'll suggest that!

Booksh Bunch said...

Yall will have to let us know next time. Baylee would love that:)