Friday, March 04, 2011


One of my most favorite things in life is conversations with my children! I am absolutely fascinated by the things they come up with! Just recently, these are three of my favorite conversations with Mason . . .

During the month of February, Mason's kindergarten class studied about the Presidents, most notably George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Now, I have to be honest. We don't talk about President Obama at our house, and that's all I have to say about that. So Mason came home from school one day last week and said very matter-of-factly:

"Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States, and he's the first Afrimerican president, and his dog's name is Bo, and his house is the white one."

I just love that . . . the white one.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had to take Mason to the doctor when he got home from school. He obviously looked at some poison ivy in the woods behind our house over the weekend, and the small spot on his cheek that I was treating with Benadryl had exploded, and his whole face was covered in red whelps. As we were sitting in the exam room, this was the conversation between Mason and Hannah Kate:

MASON: Mom, can we please get a dog?
ME: No.
MASON: Pleeeeaaaaasssssse?!? I want a dog. Can we please get a dog?
ME: No.
HANNAH KATE: I don't want a dog.
ME: Don't worry. We aren't getting a dog.
HANNAH KATE: I want a cat.
MASON: Hannah, my dog is gonna chase your cat! Mom, can we please get a dog so it'll chase Hannah Kate's cat?

And then, the very same day, the following conversation ensued in Wal-Mart when we were waiting on Mason's medicine. Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is this Tuesday. Honestly, I don't know which I like less, Halloween or Mardi Gras. I've never even been to a parade! Well, except the Grosse Tete Mardi Gras Boat Parade, but I'm certain that doesn't count in any way as a parade! I've asked my husband to take me to a parade, just one, but he refuses. Anyway. Mason's class has just this week began studying Louisiana history and culture. So when we saw the Mardi Gras display with the beads and masks and such, he yells, "Look, mom, Mardi Gras!" And then he saw a king cake, and it went a little something like this:

MASON: Look, mom, that's king cake. Baby Jesus is in there.
ME (mortified, might I add!): Baby Jesus in NOT in there!
MASON: Uh huh He is. Baby Jesus is in there.

At this point, I'm just thinking to myself that we have A LOT of work to do!

Now, for those of you not familiar with king cakes . . . there is a little plastic baby hidden somewhere in the cake, like so.
Whoever get the piece with the baby in it is supposed to buy the next king cake, or so tradition goes. Now, I have to be honest here. I know just a very little about the Mardi Gras traditions. So when I googled to learn more about king cakes, I found out that my five year old just might be a little smarter than his mama! Catholic tradition says that the king cake is named for the biblical three kings who traveled to Bethlehem to see the Christ child, hense the "baby Jesus" in the king cake!

But now I'm still thinking I have a whole lot of explaining to do to one certain five year old!

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Kerry said...

Julie, this was too cute...I was reminded that I need to record sweet conversations that take place from our three. I really enjoy reading and inspired by your blogs. Kerry Sellers