Monday, January 31, 2011

A Connell Kind of Christmas

As we've already established . . . I am WAY BEHIND on posting our Christmas . . . I was hoping to finish our Christmas posts by the end of January at least . . . and we spent Christmas in Georgia. So let's just start with the latter.

It all started 10 or so years ago. We had to decide how to spend the holidays. The big ones, meaning Thanksgiving and Christmas. Georgia and Louisiana are a bit more than a hop, skip and jump away so it's not like we could do both. The only fair thing to do seemed to spend one holiday in Georgia and one holiday in Louisiana and then switch the following year. So, with the exception of 2007 when our Christmas baby arrived, and I couldn't travel, that's what we've done. It really has worked out perfect. I was so excited that we would be in Georgia for Christmas this year because it was Jones' first Christmas!

Another reason I was excited about spending Christmas in Georgia was because I knew my Mama had decked her halls, and I was looking forward to being surrounded by some beautiful Christmas decorations since I have obviously dropped the ball on that this year, as we've already established. She put up a new tree this year . . . a 9 footer. It really was a beautiful tree (until I helped her take it down, of course). She put it in the sunroom this year.
I'll share later about Christmas morn . . .

A little later in the day, Rob, Kristi and Jones arrived. Jones is just the cutest thing! He loves to suck his thumb, much like his Aunt Julie did! And isn't this just the cutest shirt? If you'd like one for your child this next Christmas, I know where you can get it!Jones loves his Pop! And his Mimi, too.Of course, Hannah Kate loves babies. Especially real, live ones! She wanted to "hold" baby Jones. He leaned over and gave her a sweet hug.Before we sat down to eat lunch, I read the Christmas story from one of Mason and Hannah Kate's children's Bibles.

Now, I have to admit . . . we used paper plates for lunch! It almost seemed a shame to do so. The lunch Mimi prepared for us was definitely worthy of the fine china! Cranberry stuffed pork tenderloin, broccoli casserole, home-made mac 'n' cheese, butter peas and fresh creamed corn!After lunch we opened gifts.
Now that we know Mason probably won't be the next David Beckham . . . and declared he'd rather trade in his soccer ball for a bat . . . Pop and Mimi also gave Mason a baseball to go with his bat and batting tee. But it never made its way back to Louisiana. As a matter of fact, we never saw it again after he opened it! Unfortunately, it seems it made its way out of the house with the garbage unbeknownst to us.
And there was another gift for Mason.
He's super excited . . .
. . . because he got another game to go with what he'd been given earlier in the day. More about that later.
Hannah Kate prefers to pose on her presents! Remember the bucket?Is this not the Fanciest Nancy doll you ever did see? Hannah Kate also got a sleeping bag.And she, of course, had to sleep in her sleeping bag that night!
So it was definitely a Connell kind of Christmas in 2010. Let's not forget it was a WHITE Christmas, too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bayham Kind of Christmas

Christmas in January. It seems like Christmas should be long gone now. I mean, the montho of January is almost over! But I'm just getting around to sharing our Christmas memories with you. Better late than never, I guess.

Besides, I'm already looking forward to this Christmas! I mentioned that the other day and nearly sent my friend over the edge. Anyway.

We celebrated Christmas with Seth's family a little early this year since we were going to be in Georgia for Christmas. Troy (Seth's oldest brother) and his family came to town for a few days, and we had a Christmas dinner (seafood gumbo) and exchanged gifts.

When we were all together at Thanksgiving, April took several pictures of the grands. We turned these into gifts for Seth's parents and grandma. I'm realizing now this picture is fuzzy (yet another reason I'm so excited about my new camera . . . that I still haven't used yet), but I do love the memory of MawMaw Mac opening her picture. Uncle Barry, Aunt Ashley and Abbie gave Hannah Kate a really BIG present this year. Hannah Kate absolutely LOVES her bucket. She crawls inside of it (although I had to explain to her why we can not put Connor (9 months old) in there!) . . . . . . hauls stuff in it . . . . . . and sits on top of it!
Mason is showing off his new camoflauge cap from Uncle Troy, Aunt April, Avery and Beau. They also gave him a clip light for his cap and a lantern.Behind Hannah Kate is a Princess Gigi dress-up set from Uncle Troy, Aunt April, Avery and Beau. She's opening a set of 4 Princess Gigi books. Love them! As a matter of fact, Princess Gigi reminds me a bit of Princess Hannah Kate . . .Mason is smiling big because he's already figured out what's in this box:His very first BB gun . . . !!! There's nothing more to be said at this point!And Hannah Kate mentioned to her MawMaw that she needed a pink 4-wheeler because "red and black is for boys." Red and black is the color of Mason's 4-wheeler, which she most absolutely didn't have a problem riding.
More Christmas memories to come . . .

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our White Christmas

Happy 2011! I know . . . a little late. A lot late actually! I was so full of anticipation for 2011, but I think it just hit me like a load of bricks. My goal during Christmas break was to be fully and completely rested before Mason went back to school. As with many of my goals these days, I didn't quite make it. His first day back was last Tuesday, and I really struggled to make it to Friday. I was just so tired. And I AM NOT a morning person. Nor do I relish waiting for the bus at 6:35AM when it's 20 degrees outside! Ugh! But tomorrow is a teacher work-day and Monday is a holiday so we have a 4-day weekend! I've never been so excited . . . I really think I'm more excited about Mason's days off than my own days off when I was in school! And not only that . . . but this Saturday is the FIRST SATURDAY since the third Saturday in September that I don't have to go anywhere or do anything!

We had . . . the best Christmas ever! This year we were in Georgia for Christmas. I just love how things work out. It SNOWED in Georgia on Christmas day this year! Even as far south as my parents live (an hour south of Atlanta), we still had snow. It wasn't a lot. But it was enough. It started snowing Christmas night. The next morning, I asked Mason and Hannah Kate to stand in the snow as we were leaving to go to church so I could take their picture because I was afraid it might all melt before we got home.

But it didn't! We even had a flurry or two that afternoon. So we couldn't help ourselves! Even though Mason and Hannah Kate complained (the entire time we were in Georgia!) that they were cold, they still wanted to go outside and play in the snow. I managed to scrounge up some hats and gloves for the kids, but other than that, they really didn't have appropriate "snow wear." Neither did Seth and I. I wore my dad's hunting jacket, my mom's gloves, a scarf around my head, my mom's earmuffs over the scarf, and if you look carefully, you can see me wearing my mom's pink plaid boots! Stylin' and profilin' . . . !Mason and Hannah Kate enjoyed throwing snow balls and licking icsicles.I asked Hannah Kate to stick her tongue out and try to catch a snowflake . . . you know, like they do on Charlie Brown . . . but, of course, my measly camera wasn't good enough to pick up the few snow flurries that were falling. So it looks like she's just standing there with her tongue out for no reason!It was very cold (for us, at least) the whole time we were in Georgia. The day after we arrived back home in Louisiana, it was 75 degrees here! But since then, it has been bitterly cold. I have to admit though . . . I'm lovin' it! My favorite part of the day is curling up on the couch after the kids have gone to bed . . . covered in my blanket and drinking a mug of hot chocolate . . . I'm enjoying it while I can. Even though we're not quite half-way through January yet, summer will be right around the corner.

And thank goodness! I'm totally OVER kindergarten!