Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bayham Kind of Christmas

Christmas in January. It seems like Christmas should be long gone now. I mean, the montho of January is almost over! But I'm just getting around to sharing our Christmas memories with you. Better late than never, I guess.

Besides, I'm already looking forward to this Christmas! I mentioned that the other day and nearly sent my friend over the edge. Anyway.

We celebrated Christmas with Seth's family a little early this year since we were going to be in Georgia for Christmas. Troy (Seth's oldest brother) and his family came to town for a few days, and we had a Christmas dinner (seafood gumbo) and exchanged gifts.

When we were all together at Thanksgiving, April took several pictures of the grands. We turned these into gifts for Seth's parents and grandma. I'm realizing now this picture is fuzzy (yet another reason I'm so excited about my new camera . . . that I still haven't used yet), but I do love the memory of MawMaw Mac opening her picture. Uncle Barry, Aunt Ashley and Abbie gave Hannah Kate a really BIG present this year. Hannah Kate absolutely LOVES her bucket. She crawls inside of it (although I had to explain to her why we can not put Connor (9 months old) in there!) . . . . . . hauls stuff in it . . . . . . and sits on top of it!
Mason is showing off his new camoflauge cap from Uncle Troy, Aunt April, Avery and Beau. They also gave him a clip light for his cap and a lantern.Behind Hannah Kate is a Princess Gigi dress-up set from Uncle Troy, Aunt April, Avery and Beau. She's opening a set of 4 Princess Gigi books. Love them! As a matter of fact, Princess Gigi reminds me a bit of Princess Hannah Kate . . .Mason is smiling big because he's already figured out what's in this box:His very first BB gun . . . !!! There's nothing more to be said at this point!And Hannah Kate mentioned to her MawMaw that she needed a pink 4-wheeler because "red and black is for boys." Red and black is the color of Mason's 4-wheeler, which she most absolutely didn't have a problem riding.
More Christmas memories to come . . .

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