Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day

Yesterday was Mason's first day of kindergarten. It went a little something like this:

5:30am - My alarm clock goes off.

5:45am - I roll out of bed and get dressed.

5:55am - I wake Mason up.

5:57am - Mason asks why it's still dark outside.

6:00am - I fix waffles and bacon, Mason's choice breakfast on his first day of kindergarten.

6:05am - Mason sits down at the table to eat said breakfast.

6:25am - We finally head upstairs to brush teeth, comb hair and get dressed. It takes TWENTY MINUTES to eat ONE waffle and a piece of bacon!

6:45am - We go to the garage to load up in the Tahoe.

6:47am - I decide I want one more picture.
6:50am - I realize I left my cell phone inside so I have to go back in and find it.

6:55am - We are buckled in and heading down the driveway. The school bus that he will be or might be riding passes, at which point I scold myself for running out of kleenex in the Tahoe, but I finally manage to rummage around in my purse to find one last tissue. From this point on, every time I see a school bus . . . well, I don't have to tell you what happened! It was foggy and overcast with no Mr. Sunshine in sight, but I had to resort to wearing my sunglasses anyway. Mason kept eyeing me through the rear view mirror.

7:35am - We finally arrive at school. Wouldn't you know they are resurfacing the main road that the car pool line is required to use so it's only ONE LANE on the first day of school, and you have to wait forever on the lead vehicle!?! Seriously! I'm pretty sure they knew it was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

7:40am - Parking is a nightmare so I make up a spot, and we finally make our way inside.

7:45am - Mason is seated in the gym for the morning assembly. I leave. I'm also thankful the Tahoe is still intact. My husband would not have approved of my parking spot! But there was no way I was just going to drop him off at the door and let him walk in by himself!
8:00am - Wal-Mart doesn't have what I'm looking for so I just go home.

9:10am - I leave to go back to school to pick Mason up. The school day was only a half-day for kindergarteners. I don't know about you, but I don't see how two measly hours count for a half-day! I mean . . . really! That's nothing but a tease! He doesn't have school today, and he goes tomorrow for ONE HOUR for a "kindergarten test." I haven't even mentioned that his test time is 7:30am! And then his first full day of school will be on Monday. So, in essence, we will really be starting over on Monday.

9:20am - I get stuck at the draw bridge.

9:30am - The barge finally moseys on through, and the draw bridge is back in place.

9:45am - I finally make it to Ms. Alexander's class, and Mason asks me what took so long!

10:00am - We are on the way back home, and it finally hits me how exhausted I am. And to think we have to do this all over again . . . for 180 days?!?

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