Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty . . . well, that's actually not a very accurate description of the past month. Beauty, oh yes, she's quite a beauty! But sleeping . . . that's another story.

The week before Mother's Day, Hannah Kate ceased sleeping through the night. She began waking up anywhere between three and six times a night! She wasn't hungry. She was tired, aggravated, frustrated . . . I attributed this to the loss of her swaddling blanket. We tried to graduate her from it at four months, but after one sleepless night without it, we decided to let her graduate to a bigger sized swaddling blanket instead. That worked for a month or so and then she became strong enough to weasel her way out of it during the night, which was waking her up, too, so we decided it was time to retire the beloved swaddling blanket. We knew from the beginning that we made a decision that we would later have to deal with some unwanted consequences from (more sleepless nights for a little while), but we just wanted our sleep at that time, and it was worth it! So I figured the sleepless, restless nights were due to the loss of her blanket. I also figured it would take her a few days to get the hang of it . . . a few days turned into a week, and a week turned into a couple of weeks . . . you get the picture. Now Hannah Kate and I are both tired, aggravated and frustrated from our lack of sleep.

Also around this time she began to have a lot of fussy spells during the day. I attributed that to the baby food we had just added to her diet and the formula we had to begin supplementing with. After all, her tummy had to get used to it, right?

This past weekend, I started really thinking about it, trying to figure out what in the world was going on. I then realized that all of this started at the same time she finished an antiobiotic at the beginning of the month for an ear infection. That was actually her second ear infection; the first one was in March.

Wouldn't you know Monday was a holiday, and the pediatrician's office was closed. It always works out that way! Anyway, I called Tuesday morning and asked if I could bring her in to have her ears checked. Don't get me wrong . . . I love our pediatrician, but I don't love going to see her! So, sure enough . . . another ear infection! This is her third one since March, and I really don't think it ever cleared up to begin with. So she's on a stronger antiobiotic this time, and we are hoping it will work. If not, she will probably have to get tubes in her ears. Oh, I hope and pray we don't have to do that, but I'll do anything for my little girl baby to feel better. Our pediatrician said some babies are just more prone than others to get ear infections and that it's also heriditary. Well, that explains it since I had a constant ear infection until I finally had my tonsils out at age five. We go back to the doctor on June 9 to have her ears checked again, and we'll know then whether or not we'll have to explore the option of tubes.

In the meantime, night before last was the first night she has slept through the night in about three weeks, and last night she woke up only once.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You've Got Mail

Mason loves to get mail. So we give our "junk" mail to him, and he thinks it's absolutely fantastic. He will sit for quite awhile reading his mail to Hannah Kate. The only thing is that he calls it his "email." Last week I told Mason it was time to go to the potty. He grabbed the day's junk mail and headed to the bathroom. I put him on the potty and left the room for a second to get something. When I got back, Mason was sitting on the throne reading his mail. He didn't even look up. He sensed my presence and said, "I'm just reading my email."

POTTY TRAINING UPDATE: So I haven't blogged about potty training in awhile. That's because there is no update! We haven't made any progress during the past 5 weeks of potty training. As a matter of fact, I can say with all certainty that we've even gone backwards and aren't doing as well as we were when this whole process began. And that's what it is . . . a process . . . a very L O N G process. Let's just say our enthusiasm in potty training has waned more than a little.

We went to Louisiana for Mother's Day weekend. As we were getting ready to leave, Mason got really upset because he wanted to stay at MawMaw and PawPaw's house. So I explained to him that I thought it best if he go home with Mommy and Daddy and then he could spend some time at MawMaw and PawPaw's house after he learned to poop in the potty. MawMaw even promised him she'd come get him once he called her to tell her that he had pooped in the potty. He finally stopped crying and fell asleep on the way home. Later Seth told me that I was going to regret my promise when we got all the way back up here only for me to have to turn around that night or the next morning to go back to Louisiana to keep my promise. I told him I had no intention of having to make good on that promise anytime soon. Seth was so sure that a week at MawMaw's would spur Mason on to potty success. Well, let's just say that Mama was right this time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Little Sister and Big Brother

The other day Mason, Hannah Kate and I were playing and goofing off in our bed. Hannah Kate was sitting up with my help (she can't quite sit up by herself yet). I said, "Look at Hannah Kate sitting up like a big dawg." Mason stopped what he was doing, furrowed his brow and said quite matter-of-factly, "Hannah Kate not a big dog. Hannah Kate's little sister, and I'm big brother."
Since Hannah Kate isn't quite able to sit on her own yet, I've been hesitant about using the Exersaucer, but I finally decided to pull it out this week to see how she likes it. The only problem is that Mason likes to "help" her play so he does most of the playing while she becomes impatient with the whole process. Notice he's all up in her business while sitting in her Bumbo seat! This morning I had an opportunity to let her play in it while Mason was eating breakfast, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forget the peas . . . pass the carrots, please!

Yummy yummy in Hannah Kate's tummy! Our adventures in baby food have begun. We started with squash. Hannah Kate opened her mouth wide, I shoved a spoonful of squash onto her tongue, she scrunched up her face, shivered all the way down to her toes and finally swallowed the stuff. She accepted a few more bites before deciding she'd much rather go back to the familiar taste of rice cereal. I wish I could've done a better job at capturing her reaction, but I was trying to feed her AND take pictures AND record the whole episode with our DVD camera AND keep Mason away from the DVD camera AND be sure Mason didn't take it upon himself to feed Hannah Kate while I was taking pictures . . . you get the idea.
So after a few days of squash (which Hannah Kate finally decided she just might like), we tried carrots. Let's just say that Hannah Kate loves her carrots! They're her favorite. She likes sweet potatoes, too. But the peas are the ones she pursed her lips in protest against after just one bite, refusing to open her little mouth again until she was sure there were no more green peas on that spoon. I can't say I blame her too much for that. I mean, the green ones are always the worst! Why in the world do we feed this stuff to our babies anyway?!? Mason never liked baby food peas or green beans. I've tried a few more times with the peas, and she'll eat a few spoonfuls, but she would rather not. So today we tried green beans. I really didn't think she would like them, but she actually did better with them than with the peas.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Well, I've been tagged.

So now I need to share my favorite top ten movies and why. I had to think about this for several days. After all, the only movies I see now-a-days star Disney characters. There's nothing wrong with that. I actually adore many of the Disney movie cartoons. But I think I've seen Cars and Toy Story one too many times! Anyway, here is my list in no particular order (it was hard for me to rate them 1 to 10 because I like each of them for different reasons, and any of them could be my favorite on any given day):

  • The Bone Collector
  • Dirty Dancing (top 3)
  • Footloose
  • Gone With the Wind (top 3)
  • Pretty Woman
  • Remember the Titans
  • The Sixth Sense
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Wizard of Oz (top 3)
  • You've Got Mail

So when I look at this list it reminds me that the last time I saw a movie in the movie theater was December 2005 (yes, I am not lying! I know, I know . . . I don't get out much!), and I would really enjoy a "date night" (whatever that is!) with my husband!

Now I have to tag two more people to share their favorites. I tag Tammy (she worked at Blockbuster all through college!) and Kendy (I know how much you love top tens!).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sweet Girl Baby

Our sweet girl baby is 5 months old today. Sometimes I wish time would stand still for a few minutes, just so I could keep her as my little baby and hold her awhile longer.Hannah Kate is such a big girl now. She has been enjoying rice cereal the past few weeks and will have the ultimate dining experience this week with her first veggies. Yum yum. Everyone always asks me if she's sleeping through the night yet or not. She's actually been sleeping through the night since she was 11 weeks old. She goes to bed around 9:00pm and wakes up at 7:00am, sometimes a little later. And her hair . . . well, it's still too soon to tell, but it looks like she just might be a strawberry blondie. It just depends on how the light hits it. She can roll from her stomach to her back, but she hasn't quite figured out how to roll from her back to her stomach. She tries and tries, and she was so close yesterday that I thought she was finally going to do it, but she eventually gave up trying. She recently discovered her feet and likes to suck on her big toe. Hannah Kate loves her daddy and her big brother. She lights up everytime they walk into the room. She is a joy, and we are enjoying every moment with her.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Pride and Joy

I just have to brag on my Mason! This is day four of the great potty training experience. Mason had a great day on Tuesday and Wednesday. His pull up stayed dry both days. The back end is a different story, but we're working on that as best we can. Anyway, yesterday I had to run errands. I had quite a lot of stops to make, as I try my best to cram everything into one trip a week. I mean, gas is only a mere $3.59/gallon, and our Tahoe isn't exactly the most fuel efficient vehicle out there. Anyway, we loaded up and off we went. We ate lunch at Mason's favorite spot, Chick-fil-A (or Chicken Flay as he calls it). As we were eating, I was debating whether or not to take him to the potty before leaving. We had two stops left and had already been gone 2 1/2 hours. So that means it had been 2 1/2 hours since he last used the potty. I totally did not expect his pull up to be dry, and I honestly did not want to deal with it, especially since I absolutely detest public restrooms. I detest them even more with two-year-olds whose hands think they have to touch everything in sight no matter how many times you explain to them how "grody" it is. But then I realized that we would have to do it sooner or later, and if I was really serious about this potty training business, we needed to do it. So I hauled Mason and Hannah Kate into the restroom and began wiping everything down in plain sight with a wipe. And . . . much to my surprise, Mason's pull up was still dry! And then he even tee-teed on the potty! What a big boy! We got home a little over an hour later, and he was still dry. Today was another great potty training day (except for the back end, of course). I've decided that potty training really has nothing at all to do with Mason. It has everything to do with ME and how patient, persistent and perseverant (I'm not sure that's even a word!) I am.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the kitchen fixing lunch. Hannah Kate was fussing. Mason retreated to his room for a little peace and quiet. I got a little worried because he was in there for quite awhile, and I hadn't heard a peep from him. Nothing good ever comes out of such a situation. So I went to his room and peeked around the door. He had rolled his big dump truck into his closet and was "reading" a book. I was able to grab my camera and snap a picture before he realized I was standing there. Yes, he's reading a Charlie Brown Christmas book. In April. He's also wearing long sleeves in April. It was pretty chilly that day.
Mason absolutely loves his sister. He tends to hover over her sometimes though and can be quite overprotective. He got upset one Sunday morning because Hannah Kate had to go in her class during church and couldn't come to his class so he could keep his eye on her. He loves to play with her and entertain her. I must say the feeling is mutual. Hannah Kate loves her big brother, too. She smiles and giggles at him and enjoys his undivided attention.
A couple of days ago, I was fixing supper. Hannah Kate was in her bouncey seat, which I had put on the kitchen floor. Mason came in with his blanket and his Bible. At first I really wasn't paying attention. But then I started listening, and I realized he was reading a Bible story to Hannah Kate. He was telling her all about David and Goliath, and he was getting it right! I managed to grab my video camera and capture several seconds before he caught on to me, and then he got distracted and stopped.
Several days ago, I was wearing a t-shirt from a walk/run I participated in several years ago to raise money for Alzheimer's Services in Baton Rouge. On the front of the t-shirt is a replica of the Louisiana state capital building. In case you've never had the privilege of visiting the Red Stick, it is the tallest capital building in the United States and rises over the city of Baton Rouge. Anyway, later that morning Mason paused and looked at my shirt. He said, "Babel on your shirt, Mommy." At first I had no idea what he was talking about. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, tower of Babel." And then I knew exactly what he was talking about. Another Bible story that he is fascinated with is the tower of Babel, and that's what he saw when he looked at my shirt. Smart boy! Sometimes it seems like it just isn't sinking in, no matter how many times we read the stories and talk about different things. It seems like he really isn't paying any attention at all. But he is! Those are the proud moments for me.
This morning we were playing outside. I was using that time to write in my journal. I looked up to see Mason climbing one of the crepe myrtle trees in our front yard. I've never seen anyone climbing a crepe myrtle before! I ran in to grab my camera (that happens a lot these days). Mason looked at me and said, "I'm looking for a birdie, Mama."
Just one more picture to share with you for now . . . when I first saw this picture, it just cracked me up. Mason and Hannah Kate just were not in the mood to have their picture made, but I couldn't help myself, especially since Hannah Kate had on one of her cute girl outfits and a favorite of mine. But can you believe how much they look alike in this picture?!? I mean, they even have the same facial expression. Lately I've been trying to convince myself that Hannah Kate looks just A LITTLE bit like me. But after seeing this picture, I can't help but admit how much they favor their daddy, even Hannah Kate. Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!?