Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank you, Friend!

Isn't our new blog template just beautiful?!? Before you think I'm a HTML genious with a lot of spare time on my hands, let me just tell you that I can't take the credit for it at all. My sweet friend Lauren created this for me as a surprise one day. She knew I was having the "stay-at-home-mommy blues," and she wanted to do something to brighten my day. It was so thoughtful and encouraging the day she sent it to me, and I'm afraid I still haven't been able to thank her enough. Lauren and I go way back . . . all the way to kindergarten! We've shared a ton of memories and laughter and joy and tears. I don't even know where to start! She is a very special friend. Thank you, Friend!

I have a lot of new pictures to share, but I haven't had time yet to transfer them from my camera to my computer, and Hannah Kate is being very demanding of my attention right now. So that will have to wait for another time . . .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hannah Katherine was 2 months old last week! She is, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world! Now, I know you feel the same way about your little girl, and you should. But Hannah Kate is so beautiful! I really wish you could see her . . . these pictures just don't do her justice! Of course, part of it is because Mommy isn't the best of picture takers, despite her many attempts to try.In celebration of her 2 month birthday, Hannah Kate went to the pediatrician for a check-up. She weighed 10 lbs 10 oz and was 23 inches long. At first I was a little disappointed with her weight. I thought she would be a little closer to 12 lbs (don't ask me why). So I commented to the pediatrician about it. She said that not only had Hannah Kate gained a good amount of weight in two months, but she was in the 40th percentile for weight at her two week check-up and is now in the 50th percentile for weight based on her age. So she made a pretty significant gain. I looked back and realized that I had forgotten that she weighed only 7 lbs 9 oz at her two week check-up . . . a far cry from the 8 lbs 5 oz she was at birth! So that helped put it into perspective a little better. She is in the 75th percentile for length.

After the really good check-up came the dreaded shots! Oww-eee . . . they must've hurt so bad! She received four vaccines, but one of them was administed with a purply-looking oral liquid that must've been yummy. But that's where the fun ended. At the first needle stick, Hannah Kate's mouth opened wide with a shrill scream, her face was beet red, and I don't think she even took a breath until sometime after the third needle stick. I would like to know why all vaccines can't be administed via yummy purply-looking liquid! It's a good thing we were at the doctor's office because for what seemed like forever I didn't think she was going to breathe again. But she did. And then her big eyes looked up at me like, "Mommy, why in the world did you let them do that to me?!?" That's one of the least favorite parenting moments!

Hannah Kate smiles a little more everyday. It's easy to make her laugh. Mason even had her cracking up yesterday, which was a first. I guess she has decided he isn't so bad after all. She also coos for me every once in awhile. She's holding her head up really well on her own so it won't be long before she can sit in the bumbo seat. She still goes to bed around 10:00 and wakes up around 4:00am to nurse before going back down until 7:30 or so. However, last night she slept all the way until 5:15am!

There's one thing that Hannah Kate has in common with not only her brother but her Bayham cousins as well . . . THE LIP. That's the moment when she realizes she probably isn't very happy, but she's still not quite sure, and she definitely hasn't decided what she's going to do about it. Sometimes she decides she really is happy after all, and other times she decides to break out into her "I need some attention, please," cry. It's not a full-fledged scream but more of a high pitched whimper. I'm hoping to get it on video one day, but I'm usually too late by the time I grab the camcorder. I captured the natural progression of THE LIP the other day:
Even with THE LIP, she's still the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Firetrucks and Mason's Other Favorites

So have I mentioned lately that Mason LOVES firetrucks?!? I mean, can one little boy have too many firetrucks? I guess not! Mason is posing with all of his firetrucks (or at least almost all of them), and he is wearing none other than his firetruck shirt! So that makes EIGHT firetrucks . . .

Here are some more of Mason's favorites:

  • MOVIE - Toy Story. He actually calls this "Farmer Buzz." Buzz is in reference to Buzz Lightyear, of course. But Farmer is in reference to Woody. We keep telling him that Woody is a cowboy and not a farmer, but he won't listen to us. One of his toy tractors came with a farmer who is wearing what looks like a cowboy hat so he keeps referring to Woody as a farmer. Close behind is Cars and Cucumber (this is what he calls his Veggie Tales movies).
  • GAME - Hi Ho Cherry O. His sweet friend Anna gave him this game for Christmas, and he loves playing it. We love playing it with him, too. He actually does pretty good. My personal favorite when I was little was Candy Land so I'll bet he'll be seeing that one for Valentine's Day or Easter!
  • TV PERSONALITY - Emeril. Seriously! Because there is "nothing else on," we often watch the Food Network, and Mason always asks to watch Emeril.
  • SONG - currently that new country song about the International Harvester. I don't even know the name of it or who sings it. I personally think its rather hokey, but he and Seth get a kick out of it. He generally likes anything upbeat that he can dance to. The other day I caught him singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby to Hannah Kate. I really don't know where he learned that one from because it's not one I've taught him! I guess he heard it on one of his music CDs and picked it up really quickly.
  • ACTIVITY - anything outside! And going to church . . . many mornings he wakes up and asks me if we're going to church. He loves playing with the other boys and girls in his class.
  • COLOR - blue. I suppose all little boys like blue.
  • FOOD - oatmeal for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, and supper is usually a hit or miss but mostly a miss. He loves chocolate pudding and anything else chocolate.
  • DRINK - chocolate milk. And he always asks for a "box drink" after his nap. This is what he calls juice boxes.
  • BIBLE STORY - Jonah and the Big Fish
  • ANIMAL - cat. Seth hates cats and tries to say that Mason's favorite animal is a dog, but Mason really doesn't care too much for dogs right now. He really does love cats though. And he's into horses and cows, too.
  • CARTOON CHARACTER - Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny

Monday, February 04, 2008

Brother and Sister

Everyone continues to ask THE question . . . do you think Hannah Kate looks like Mason did as a baby? Well, what do you think . . .