Monday, January 11, 2016


So today I was going to tell you about Mason's first kill.  In case you haven't already heard.

But it's been a long day.  It's late.  And I'm watching the last college football game of the season.  Because that's how I ROLL . . .

You know, I always think I'll remember the really cute, smart, funny things my children say.  I mean, how could I forget?!  But in my older age, I'm forgetting.  There are two conversations I want to remember today.

This girl.  Cracks me up!  I mean, she has us belly laughing all the time!  And today was no different.
This afternoon we were on our way to pick up Abbie in carpool.  The kids were playing on their kindles.  Ellie's was a bit too loud, as usual.  I hadn't yet said anything, but I didn't have to.  Hannah Kate always takes care of that for me.  The conversation went like this:

Hannah Kate:  Ellie, can you please turn that down?  I don't want to listen to that music.  I'd rather listen to country!

Mason:  Do you even like country music?!

Hannah Kate:  Well, yeah.  I like all kinds of music.  Just not that music.

Ellie (very matter-of-factly):  I like CRUNCHY music.

But look.  It gets even better.  My friend called me this morning with another Ellie story.  She's the nursery coordinator at our church.  Every week she plans a Bible story, craft and game for the kids.  Yesterday they finished their Bible story and craft a little early so my friend decided to teach them a new game.  Usually they play red light green light.

Tracy:  Jade, instead of red light green light, let's teach them Simon Says.

Cali Grace (2 years old):  I wanna be Simon!

Ellie:  I wanna be ALVIN!!!

Y'all.  I. died.  Again!  Ellie's favorite show right now (and I'm not even kidding) is Alvin and the Chipmunks!  She's been begging me to take her to see the new movie, but we just haven't had time.  We saw a preview for the movie when we saw The Peanuts movie, and she just squealed and squealed.  She watches the little 30 minute shows on Nick and has just fallen in love with them.  She walks around the house shouting, "AALLLLVVVIINNNNNN!"

This one challenges me more than anyone has ever challenged me before!  She brings me to my wits' end most days.  But, man, I just can't imagine my life without her!  Because more than anything else, she brings a love and a passion and a joy that just makes everything all better!

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