Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Ballerinas and the Diva

Monday was our first day of HOMEschool.  And it was also the beginning of another year of dance.  This year I have two ballerinas.
I really hadn't intended to put Ellie in ballet/tap classes this year.  But the office manager at the dance studio convinced me.  She reminded me that Hannah Kate was the age Ellie is now (actually a bit younger) when she began dance lessons.  I agreed to try it for a month and see how she does.  Well, it's been one week, one lesson, and I'm certain we are here to stay.

Before Seth and I left for our anniversary road trip, I took the girls to get their leotards, tights and dance shoes.  When we left the studio that afternoon, Ellie cried because she wanted to stay and dance.  I explained to her that it wasn't yet time for her to dance.  Needless to say, she has been so excited and could hardly wait to put on her new dance clothes.  

She couldn't wait to go to her class and walked right in.  Miss Jade gathered all of the baby ballerinas together so they could tell their mommies "bye."  A couple of the little girls began crying.  And Ellie looked over and gave them the stink eye!  Yes, she did!  When Miss Jade ushered them into the rehearsal studio, Ellie was one of the first ones to jump up and go in.  She didn't even look back.  

Last night a couple of my friends stopped by for a minute.  They asked Ellie about her first day of dance, and she immediately showed them what she "learned."  Her routine (which I'm sure had nothing to do with Miss Jade and everything to do with Hannah Kate and Abbie) ended in a split!  Yes.  The three-year-old is already doing splits!  It's a wonder she didn't tell Miss Jade how to dance!  Something tells me we're in for quite a treat with our littlest ballerina (or maybe that should be diva?!) this year.

Abbie also dances on Mondays.  My girls are excited because we will pick her up in carpool every Monday and all go to dance together.  It's going to be quite a year for all three of them.  Ellie will dance on the big stage for the first time.  Hannah Kate will dance a solo routine on the big stage for the first time celebrating five years of dance instruction.  And Abbie is celebrating ten years of dance instruction and her first year on the competition team.

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