Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to HOMEschool: 5th Grade

The school buses rolled today, and my Facebook feed was inundated with "back to school" pictures.  We went back to school today, too.  But it was very different than years past and the first day of a new adventure for our family.

I've not blogged a whole lot about this, but on March 16 the Lord called us to homeschool Mason and Hannah Kate.  Within two weeks, we knew exactly what He wanted us to do and how He wanted us to do it.  So we stepped out in obedience together as a family and continue to trust His plan for us.  

Today was Mason's first day of 5th grade.  Is he not the most handsome 5th grader you've ever laid your eyes on?!

Mason is enrolled at Sequitur Classical Academy.  Sequitur (meaning "it follows" in Latin) is a Christian, classical, university-model school that is sort of like a hybrid between homeschool and Christian school.  Sequitur is distinctly classical and Christian in their approach to education.  Classical based instruction methods focus on thinking well, speaking well and writing well, teaching the student to love and pursue that which is excellent, good and lovely, all to and for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Mason "goes to school" on Monday and Wednesday mornings (they meet at a church in Baton Rouge).  There are seven kids in his class, and he has two teachers.  He receives all of his instruction during class time, and he will complete all of his assignments and school work at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So . . . no, I did not make him "dress up" for the first day of homeschool (although there would be absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!).  He has a "uniform" for Sequitur.  

Last night he told me he was nervous about being the new kid at school at not knowing anyone.  I told him that everyone in his class was going to be new and would not know anyone (this is the first year that Sequitur has offered 5th grade, and that's currently the youngest grade and the reason Hannah Kate isn't enrolled there).  That seemed to help.  And he jumped up out of bed rather quickly this morning when it was time to get up at 5:45 (SO DO YOU EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT TIME MY ALARM WENT OFF THIS MORNING?) and quickly got ready.  But when it came time to drop him off, I saw it.  It lasted only a moment.  But it was fear.  And sadness.  It was reality, the reality that he was not going to school with his two best buddies since kindergarten.  

I would like to say I handled this situation LIKE A BOSS.  But I did not.  At all.  But you know who did?  Mason did.  When I picked him up, he threw his back pack in the truck and couldn't stop talking.  He didn't even get in the truck.  He stood there with the door open going on and on about what his teachers said and who the kids in his class were and his new friend Ezra.  I was not about to complain about the intense heat and humidity that was filling my truck because he was standing there with the door open and why in the world couldn't he just hop on in and tell me all about it?!  Because, in that moment, I was so thankful for the new friend Ezra.  And I was also reminded ONCE AGAIN how brave and courageous my boy is.  I was reminded that the Lord takes much better care of my son than I ever could.

At this moment, I am physically and emotionally exhausted.  I don't expect this to be easy.  This is a BIG change.  Change is hard.  Even change that's good is hard.  And while I didn't fully know what to expect today, I certainly wasn't expecting the sadness I felt.  I don't question the why or the what because I know that for sure.  It's settled.  We will obey.  But all day long I wondered about the how.  I mourned for the friends Mason won't see at school everyday this year.  I still don't have it all figured out (and never will), but God is good.  He took perfect care of my son today.  Mason said he had a good day and that he thinks he's really going to like his new school and his homeschool.  And God also took care of this hot mess of a momma.  

After what had already been a long day (the girls started dance today, too), I had to go to parent orientation at Sequitur tonight.  I met the mom of another boy in Mason's class.  We immediately connected and had such an encouraging conversation.  This is her first year homeschooling, too.  And her son (who is in Mason's class) went to the same school that Mason used to go to, except he went to the other campus!  They live in the same parish (county) we do.  By the time I got home tonight, the kids were in bed, but I can't wait to tell Mason tomorrow that one of his new friends actually used to go to MSA, too.

Some might say it's a small world.  Honestly, the chances of this happening . . . well, I never would've guessed that in a million years.  That's the hand of God going before us, answering our prayers, providing in ways that only He can do.  He's got this, and He continues to show me over and over that we are right where He wants us to be.  It's not always comfortable.  It doesn't always feel good.  It's messy at times.  But that's the only place I want to be . . . it's the BEST place to be!  God is faithful.  He takes care of my Mason (and Hannah Kate and Ellie and Seth).  And He takes care of me.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.
~Psalm 18:32

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Kori Page said...

I am so happy for you, Julie! And I LOVE how God has His hands on your journey as you start this new adventure called homeschool! I can't wait to read about Mason & Hannah Kate as they discover new facets of their lives they never knew existed! Karli started 5th grade today, too, and her 2nd year of homeschool. We are going to use more structure this year but I still want her to have ample time to learn about life in general instead of focusing completely on her studies. Please do not hesitate to call or IM me if you ever need to talk. :)