Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is usually a weird "holiday" for me.  I never get to celebrate with my mom on Mother's Day.  And that's really how I think about Mother's Day.  My mama.  She isn't here, and I'm not there, and it just doesn't feel right.  In my mind, it has everything to do with her and not necessarily with myself as a mom.  It never involves "breakfast in bed," and my children aren't yet at the age where they're going to "rise up and call me blessed."  Instead they're going to rise up and call my name a million times a day because they need something or want something or have a question.  I mean, isn't EVERYDAY mother's day?  I love mothering.  I really do.  Some days are long and hard and frustrating.  Some days are the best ever.  Some days I want a do-over.  And other days I just want to go to bed and start over the next day.  But everyday I could just pinch myself . . . is this really my life? Are these really my children?  Because it just doesn't seem possible that these precious blessings have been entrusted to me by my heavenly Father.  I mean, it doesn't get any better than this right here!
I insisted on a picture with my lovelies before church.  And then I told them that I thought they should all give me a kiss since it was Mother's Day.  Only one of them happily obliged my Mother's Day request.  Mason thought I had absolutely lost my mind.  He's just too cool these days.  And Hannah Kate was too worried about getting my lipstick on her!

Disney's Frozen on Ice
Last weekend I took Hannah Kate and her little BFF, Jaci, to see Frozen on Ice.  I have to admit . . . I was probably more excited than they were!  They had the best time.  And afterwards Jaci spent the night with us.  These two girls just cracked me up.  They were giggling and being silly and talking talking talking.  They reminded me so much of myself and my BFF when I was growing up.  Brought back some sweet memories.  Here they are with the $12 snowballs.  Yes, I am that mom.  But I did not buy the $4 straws!

At the beginning of the show, there was lots of music and dancing and fancy lights flashing everywhere.  Jaci looked at me and said, "I feel so special."  Melt my heart!  But you know what?  I felt so special, too!  I'm just a sucker for a princess.  And Disney does it so well!    

Plant Sitting
I've been plant sitting for my friend for a couple of weeks now.  She bought several beautiful plants for her garden but had to go out of town for awhile and wasn't able to get them planted before she left.  So she brought them to my house so I could take care of them while she is gone.  My parents have the most beautiful hydrangea in the yard.  I always took it for granted as a child.  But hydrangeas are one of my favorite garden flowers.  I'm not able to plant any because we don't have enough shade around our house.  Ellie and I have been watering my friend's hydrangea and watching it bloom all week.  We've had the best time with it.  I think I just might have to keep it.

And speaking of blooms, my day lilies have been putting on quite a show this spring.  They've bloomed like never before.  I have a row of grandmother's lilies planted along side the friends' entry door.  They are bigger this year than they've ever been.  I wish I had a picture of them, but I haven't taken one yet.  We are still working in the garden on that side, and it isn't finished yet.  These are the ones planted underneath the crepe myrtle.   

My Herb Garden
In addition to plant sitting, I've also been herb sitting.  My friend also bought a bunch of herbs for the both of us.  So I've been taking care of hers, too, while she's gone.  I've never had good luck with herbs, but I'm trying again this year.  I'm planting all of mine in pots so I can move them around and keep them out of the scorching sun this summer.  When she first brought them over, I put all of them in my wagon for easy watering and transport.  I have to admit . . . I love to go out there and just stand by it because it smells so. good!  This picture just makes me happy.  I planted rosemary, oregano, thyme, sweet basil, lemon basil, mint, cilantro, parsley and dill.

Morning Time
I have so loved my mornings with Ellie this week!  Each morning (except for yesterday, which was errand day) was the same . . . bike ride, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water the flowers, tend the vegetable garden.  I can't wait until school is over so Mason and Hannah Kate can join our mornings!  (And piggy tails!  Pig tails are one of my favorites, too.)

Vacation Bible School
I really think my kids get more excited about VBS than they do about Christmas!  And tis the season!  I'm hosting our first leadership planning meeting and training this Sunday so VBS stuff has exploded all over my house this week.  Hannah Kate saw me putting together some decoration suggestions and ideas and just squealed in delight.  I mean, who doesn't love a treehouse?  This year's theme is just fantastic, and I can't wait!  My girls helped me put the finishing touches on the leaders' folders tonight.

Fish Tacos
Tonight for supper we had my favorite fish tacos!  I've talked about these before.  I just absolutely love them!

And tomorrow is another one of my most favorite days of the year: Hannah Kate's dance recital!

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