Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter (since it's almost Christmas)

I never posted Easter pictures.  And since it's almost Christmas, I figured I would go ahead and share a few.  Not really.  But really.  Christmas will be here before we know it!  I mean, May is NEXT WEEK.

I have to say I was not the Easter pinterest mom this year.  About as close as I got was the little "bird's nests" I made for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman.  I have to admit that Easter kind of snuck up on me this year.  I didn't at all feel prepared.  Of course, I don't know what I need to be "prepared" for.  This year I just felt like I didn't need to be all fancy with it.  Nothing extra.  I just wanted to let it sink in deep, the simple yet most profound truth throughout all the ages . . . Jesus died for me (for the whole entire WORLD), and Jesus is alive (because the grave COULD NOT contain Him)!  That is Easter.

The egg hunt was actually the weekend before Easter.  We spent about fifteen minutes there before running off to Mason's baseball tournament.
Because the kids hunt eggs in areas divided by age groups, all three children were in a different area this year.  So I went with Ellie.  She's the only one I have pictures of hunting for eggs.  When I first got out there with her, she just stopped.  She didn't do anything.  There were eggs everywhere.  She was standing right in the middle of a sea of eggs.  I know she doesn't remember it from last year, and I didn't "practice" with her beforehand, but I certainly didn't expect her to just stand there.  So I picked up an egg and put it in her basket and encouraged her to do the same.  She finally started picking up some eggs.
Right after I took that picture, she reached in and grabbed the blue egg that I'd put in there and threw it back on the grass!  She refused to pick up any eggs except pink ones.
After Ellie found all the pink eggs, I found Hannah Kate.  She was not as particular about the color of the eggs she put in her basket.
Ellie talks about her little friend CG all the time.  They are both so cute and so funny.  CG has been over to play a few times, and Ellie constantly begs for her to come over more.  But they're still at the age where they don't necessarily play together yet.  Regardless, I think these two will be good friends.  And you'll notice Ellie has three purple eggs in her basket.  That's because after she found all of the pink ones, I finally convinced her it would be okay to pick up some purple ones.
One of the things I learned this year is that Mason is getting to "that age."  I think he's over Easter egg hunts now.  So I actually don't have any pictures of him with his basket.
I asked Ellie to show me her eggs for another picture, and this is what she did.
A few days before Easter, the Georgia bunnies sent a couple of boxes of goodies.  The stuff just kept coming!  I honestly can't remember what all was in those boxes.  But what I do remember is the whoopi cushions.  I still say that whoopi cushions have NOTHING to do with Easter.  But Mason sure was excited.
Easter morning began very early.  We all got up and dressed and were at church by 7:00 for the Sonrise service.  And then we all ate breakfast afterwards and then we had Sunday School and then the regular worship service.  We finally left church around 12:15.  Nobody was in the mood for pictures at 6:30 in the morning.  And that's fine because we were running a little behind anyway.  This year their baskets were full of candy and books.  They took their baskets with them and had already gone through everything on our drive to church so I don't have any Easter morning basket pictures.  And by the time church was over, everyone was really tired and still not in the mood for pictures.  Except maybe Ellie.

And that was Easter.

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