Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Two Year Old

Dear Ellie,

You are 2 years old!  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to remind me that this is real, that the LORD hear our prayer for another baby and sent you to us, that you are really here, really "ours."  And now I have a two year old in the house!

I can only imagine what this next year of your life is going to bring!  As a baby, you were so sweet and quiet and content and gentle and easy-going and docile.  But, boy, did your little personality explode during this last year of your life!  You are still sweet as pie (when you want to be).  You are definitely NOT quiet.  You are content as long as you are getting your way.  I'm not sure about gentleness.  You're a rough-and-tumble kind of gal now.  I'm also not sure about easy-going.  And I think your docility (is that a word?) is a little rough around the edges and tainted with defiance a lot of the time.  You are a very passionate little girl.

But you are JOY!  And SUNSHINE!  You keep me on my toes, for sure!  You give me a run for my money pretty much everyday making sure you don't get into anything you're not supposed to be into (like my nail polish and mascara and the garbage can).  You make me laugh a hundred times, if not more, a day.  You make us all laugh!  You are the light of your brother's and sister's worlds.  

You are always up for an adventure.  You love to play outside.  You love to ride bikes.  You love to swing.  You love your baby dolls.  You love real babies (even though most of the ones you call babies are probably your same age!).  You love toast (with "buh-her"!) and a cheese omelet every morning for breakfast.  You love to put your shoes on.  You love Dora and Doc (McStuffins) and Mouse (Mickey).  You love to take naps.  You love to dance.  You love music.  You love to go around the house pointing at things and telling me what they are.  You love "nu" (your pacifier).  You love "Ab."  You love making animal sounds and can often be heard moo-ing and quack-ing when we're driving down the road.  You love the words "No!" and "Mine!"  and "Stop it!"

You are a Mama's Girl!  That's one of my most favorite things about you.  I love how you call my name a million times a day (or so it seems, but I'm pretty sure that's very close to truth!).  I love how you like to cuddle in the morning times and put your head on my shoulder when I get you out of the crib.  I love how you still let me hold you and rock you.  I love how you rub my arm up and down, up and down when you are upset or tired or scared.  I just love you.  All of you!

We had a very small little party for you on your birthday (which was actually last Wednesday, but it was the same week as VBS so that threw this Mama off a little bit) if it can even be called that.  But I promise you'll be having a "real" party in a couple of weeks.  I just needed more time to give you a "proper" party!  Here are a few pictures from your day.    

I love you, my Ellie Belle!


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