Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ellie: 4 Months Old

Dear Ellie girl:

I can not let another day go by without celebrating your fourth month of life.  Things have been really busy at our house so Mommy is a little behind!  You were four months old on November 16.  You definitely "woke up" this month!  You still take a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap (most days), but you are no longer sleeping through the day and instead have a lot of awake time.  You continue to be a very content baby, but there have been a few days that you have reminded me that you are, indeed, a baby.

You still wear a size 2 diaper and wear size 6 months clothes.  There are even a few 9 month clothes you can wear.  At your four month check up, you weighed 12 pounds 5.5 ounces and were 24 1/4 inches long.  You are in the 25th-50th percentile for both.  You continue to coo and smile and "talk" to us.  And you continue to sleep all the way through the night until 5:00am when you wake up for a feeding.  You usually go back to sleep for a couple of hours after you nurse.  One of my most favorite things to do is dress you up, especially with those big bows, but this month I broke out the bonnets, too.
You continue to be the center of our world here at home.  Mason absolutely adores you.  And you adore him!  When you hear him talking, you always turn that little head back and forth until you find him.  And you are always perfectly content in his arms.  Here you are with him one evening after bath time.
You are so blessed in that you already have a best friend in Hannah Kate!  She's never too far away, and she loves helping to care for you.
One morning after washing the breakfast dishes I walked into the family room to find Hannah Kate "reading" one of her princess books to you.  She was so proud of herself.
I also caught Hannah Kate teaching you some of her ballet moves one day.  I captured the cutest video of her arranging you chubby little legs into a perfect passe pointe, her favorite dance position!  And she was thrilled for you to wear your tutu to dance on Dolly Dingle Day.
One morning I heard you fussing as I was making my bed.  I walked into the family room to find you in Hannah Kate's lap.  She had the biggest grin on her face.  I'm not sure if she picked you up because you were fussing as you were laying on your play gym or if you started fussing because she had picked you up!  Just always remember that Hannah Kate has the biggest heart for you! 
You are still a mommy's girl, and daddy will admit that now.  But you love taking naps with daddy, just like Mason and Hannah Kate used to. 
You had several big accomplishments this month.

You now go to your own Bible study class on Wednesday mornings.  Your teachers are Mrs. Elise and Mrs. Renee.  They absolutely adore you to pieces, and they are the best!  I was a little nervous about leaving you, but you seem to love your class, and I know you are well cared for.  Mrs. Elise said your favorite is hymn time, and she's right.  You love music!  They also read Bible stories to you and show you pictures, and you have the opportunity to interact with the other babies in your class.  Right now, you are the youngest baby, but that is about to change.  They spoil you rotten.  Every time I go to pick you up, you are always in someone's arms.

You also go to your own Sunday School class now.  Mrs. Judy is your teacher, and Mrs. Cathie is in your class a lot, too.  I often times to by to see you in her arms.

You still do not like tummy time at all, and you could care less about rolling over.  But you're beginning to roll side to side now.  You can also roll all the way around in a circle like the hands of a clock.  You often do that when I put you down to play on your floor gym.  You absolutely love the toys hanging down and constantly reach up to grab them.  You also like playing with the toys on your infant carrier.

You can almost sit up all by yourself!  You think you're such a big girl and are constantly trying to practice sitting up in the bath tub and on your changing table.

You love to hold hands.  But your hand has to be on top.  If I put my hand over yours, you will quickly move your hand and put it back on top of mine.  You and Daddy like to play this game together.  You also love to play pat-a-cake.  You crack up laughing every time, especially when we roll 'em up and put 'em in the pan!

My most favorite thing you did this month was find your feet!  When I lay you down, those feet go straight up!  You're just a grabbing at them.  And you've almost learned how to pull your socks off, too.  Often times I've seen you sleeping in your cradle with your feet straight up.  It's the funniest thing. 
Words can not tell you how much I enjoy you!  You fill my days with so much happiness and love.  You are one of my greatest blessings, and I love you more than you'll ever know.


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Jennifer Hawkins said...

Love the pics! Can't wait to meet you Ellie! You are so beautiful!