Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So much to be thankful for!

GIVING THANKS | Day 23: So very thankful that Mason was finally feeling better today!  He ate a little, and everything stayed down this time.  He even got rather chatty.  He was still very tired and weak, but he was feeling good enough to finally realize everything he was missing out on during his Thanksgiving break, and he got pretty upset about it.  Broke my heart.  The other part of the story is that I woke up with fever, chills and aching all over.  I spent the day in bed except for nursing Ellie.

GIVING THANKS | Day 24: So very thankful for God's grace and forgiveness!  I was feeling better today, but I had a really crummy attitude.  I was so very disappointed about how our Thanksgiving break turned out.  It took pretty much the whole day for me to have a happy heart (of course, being ONE GAME AWAY FROM MIAMI did help to lift the spirits a bit!).

GIVING THANKS | Day 25: Thankful for the white blanket of beautiful frost that covered the ground this morning.  Thankful for the beauty of the changing seasons, even the barrenness that marks winter's arrival.  And I loved seeing white stocking-ed legs and feet today as we bundled up to go to church.

GIVING THANKS | Day 26: Thankful for my girlfriends!  Ever since I was in kindergarten, God has always blessed me with the best!  Several of them blessed my socks off today, and they don't even know it!  But God knew I needed it.  Oh, and I'm also thankful for online shopping!

GIVING THANKS | Day 27: Thankful for answered prayer!  We've been praying for over two years now for our sweet friends in Mississippi who were on the waiting list to adopt a baby from Ethiopia.  Found out today that they have accepted a referral for a 4-month old baby boy!  Can't wait for him to come home to his forever family!

GIVING THANKS | Day 28: Thankful that Mason and Hannah Kate got so excited tonight about reading their Bible story and saying their prayers at bedtime.  So many priceless moments and conversations at bedtime.

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