Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

It finally feels like Christmas in south Louisiana!  There's a chill in the air, and I LOVE IT!  I'm sure it won't last for long so I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of it, including the hot chocolate I'm sipping on right now.

I do not like to get the children out in the cold air, but I absolutely had to go grocery shopping today.  I also finished my Christmas shopping with the exception of three special someones.

Last week Ellie received a really special gift from my dearest grade school and high school friend.  She crocheted this BEAUTIFUL bonnet!  It is the most precious thing and so soft, too.  It covers Ellie's little head and ears, too, so it's just perfect.  So many people stopped us and commented on Ellie's bonnet.  She'll be wearing it to Bible study tomorrow also. 
I wanted to get a picture of the side of the bonnet so you can see just how intricate the design is and the sweet little rosette, too!  But someone wouldn't be still for me.  I can't crochet a lick (even though my MeMama tried on numerous occasions to teach me how!), and this just absolutely amazes me!  I have no idea how long it took her to do this, but I imagine awhile.  I didn't have a sister, but growing up, she was like a sister to me and my best friend.  While I know that Hannah Kate and Ellie will be best friends, I also pray that the Lord will bless them with a friend like mine.  The Lord blessed me in so many ways through her, and now He has blessed Ellie through her!
The only thing is that now Hannah Kate wants a bonnet, too!  She mentioned more than once today, "I don't have a bonnet to cover MY head."  And then she asked why I couldn't get her one.  So I guess crochet lessons are in my future!

Here are my two best girls after our day of shopping.

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