Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ellie: Three Months Old

Dearest Ellie:

You are three months old today!  And what a month it's been!  You continue to grow and change so much, and your little personality is just bubbling over now.  Your third month of life was full of excitement and new adventures.

You are now wearing a size 2 diaper.  Most of your outfits are size 6 months, but there are a few 3 month outfits you can still wear.  You are beginning to grow some "peach fuzz" on top of your head now.  Hannah Kate is very concerned that you aren't going to have the same color hair as she does, and she asks at least every other day what color your hair is going to be.  I don't see the strawberry tint to your hair that Hannah Kate has.  I think you'll be darkish blonde like your brother.  Speaking of hair, we broke out the big bow this month!  As far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better!  I just think it's the most precious thing, and I could just eat you up! 
You still sleep so soundly at night and enjoy your daytime naps.  You go to bed usually between 9:00 and 9:30.  Occasionally you'll sleep until 6:00, but you're usually up around 5:00 for a feeding.  And your new thing is that you obviously enjoy getting up at 1:30, too, because you keep blowing your diapers out about that time, and I have to get up to change you!  But you pretty much sleep through the whole process so it only takes a minute or two.  After your early morning feeding, you snooze for a little while longer, but you're usually ready to get up between 7:00 and 7:30.  By 9:00 you're ready for your morning nap so you'll nurse again and then go to sleep, usually in your swing.  This nap is the longest and helps me to get laundry and some house cleaning done.  You're up around noon for your lunch time feeding.  After lunch you have play time.  And then another short nap.  When Mason gets home, you sit with us through homework and then it's time for another feeding.  You'll snooze a bit while I'm cooking supper and then you're awake until your bedtime.  You still love your bath.

You don't particulary enjoy tummy time.  You'd much rather be where you can see everyone and everything.  You love looking out the window and watching other people.  You aren't too interested in rolling over right now, although you do try to roll over when I put you on your tummy.  But you haven't made it over yet.

Your biggest accomplishment this month was finding your hands.  Those little hands have realized they can reach out at hit at things now.  Occasionally you'll grab the toys hanging down on your play gym, but I'm not sure if that's on purpose or accidental.  When you're in your bouncer, you like to reach up and grab the bunny ears behind you.  When you're wearing a dress, you like to grab the bottom of it and pull it up over your head.  And when you're sleepy, you put your right hand behind your head and your left hand over your face.  This happens daily.  And I just think it's the most precious thing!
You continue to be so calm and content.  You hardly ever fuss, but sometimes I want to hear you fuss because it reminds me that you really are still a baby.  You love to snuggle with me.  I think sometimes you prefer me over Daddy when you're ready to cuddle.  You are the first of my babies to do that, and I rather like it!  You give me the biggest smile every morning when you wake up.  You give me the biggest smile most every time you see me, and I just love it!  You tend to stare at Mason when he's in the room.  And you're finally warming up to Hannah Kate.  I'm working hard to teach her about your personal space, and I think she's finally catching on.  I've noticed you laughing at Hannah Kate a lot lately.  She can be so funny sometimes!  Here you are laughing at her the other day.  I wish I would've gotten her in the picture, too, but I couldn't. 
You also love to do pat-a-cake.  You think it's the funniest thing and start grinning at me every time.  You're also starting to "talk" a little bit.  And every time you talk, Hannah Kate wants to know exactly what it is you're saying!

You sit so sweetly through Sunday School and church every Sunday.  You sit so sweetly through Bible study every Wednesday.  You went on your first trip to the zoo last Friday.  You slept through most of it, but you enjoyed the time being pushed in your stroller. 
I know I tell you this all the time, but it's so true, and I could never say it enough.  You are such a blessing and a joy to our family!  The past three months have been some of the best of my life!  And I love you so!



Jennifer Hawkins said...

That last picture is beyond precious!!!!

The Applings said...

Ditto Jennifer's comment. The last picture is my FAVORITE - she is such a priss in those bows :)