Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ellie: Two Months Old

Dearest Ellie:

You are two months old today!  And I still marvel each day that you are ours!  You are the sweetest, gentlest little thing.  Your second month of life was rather eventful.  Mason went back to school so now it's just us girls at home during the day.  Hurricane Isaac came for a visit.  You saw Dr. K for your 6-week check-up.  You'd gained two pounds and weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces.  You were in the 50th percentile.  And you grew an inch to 23 inches!  Again, the 50th percentile.  You are still wearing size one diapers, but as soon as we finish the current box, I am going to move you up to size two.

Your personality has really begun to shine!  You are stingy at times with your smiles, but you were smiling big for me today.  You seem to smile most often when I'm changing your diaper.  I'm not exactly sure why that is!  You are a very happy baby, especially in the morning times.
I'm so glad you have Hannah Kate for your big sister!  She loves you so much and just dotes on you day after day.  I know the two of you will be the best of friends.  At least . . . I hope you will . . . if she doesn't drive you crazy first! The other day she insisted on wearing her headband since you were wearing one.  And then we had to take a picture.  And, of course, Emily Bennett had to be in the picture, too! 
Hannah Kate refuses to change your diaper . . . I don't know why . . . but she's always right there climbing up on the changing table with you.  On this particular day, you were so precious in this sweet daygown that Abbie wore as an infant.
You absolutely LOVE your bath time!  And then you are ready to go to sleepy town for the night.  During the past four weeks or so, I would nurse you around 10:00 or 10:30, and you would then sleep until 3:30 or 4:00 before nursing again.  I would put you back down, and you'd sleep until 7:00 or so.  But the past three nights you slept until 5:30!  You usually nurse twice between then and 9:00.  You prefer your swing in the morning and take a long nap.  After lunch you prefer to play on your play mat.  And then it's time for another nap.  You are awake a good part of the evening, but you like to be held.
I really think you are a Mommy's girl . . . but here you are with Daddy.  I seem to always be the one with the camera so there aren't a lot of pictures of you and me.  You are a snuggle bunny.  While you are content most anyway, you do enjoy being in our arms.
 Have I mentioned that Hannah Kate is never too far away?  I just don't want you to forget . . . And I have to apologize that there aren't any pictures of you and Mason this time.  I didn't realize until I was going back through my pictures that I obviously haven't made time after school to capture him with you.  I guess we're just too busy with homework and the evening routine that I don't think about it.  But that will change this week! 

And the other day I put you in the bouncy seat while I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch.  I came around the corner to find that you had a few friends lined up next to you:
It's been two months already . . . can time not slow down just a little bit? 

I love you.

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