Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Summertime Fun

It's a hot one this year . . . so we've been spending a lot of time at the pool.  I try to take the kids swimming a couple of times a week.  Unless being outside involves water, they don't like going outside, and I don't blame them!
We finished baseball season a couple of weeks ago, and Mason got another medal.

Not that this was summertime fun . . . but after Abbie got her pink cast, Mason and Hannah Kate signed it for her.

I do have another garden this year.  I actually have two gardens.  I really wanted to plant one of my favorites: silver queen corn.  So here it is.
The ears aren't the biggest, but that definitely hasn't affected the taste.  This is my absolute favorite corn, and I finally convinced my husband that it DOES matter.  So this has become a staple at our table at least twice a week.  I'm going to be ever so sad when it's gone.  My plan was to freeze some and save it for later, but I'm afraid we're going to eat it all!
My favorite meal this week was turkey burgers with fried green tomatoes (yes, I put the tomato on the burger!) and grilled corn.
Our favorite thing to do this summer has been to go to the water park.  There's a small water park in Baton Rouge that caters to families with young children, and it is absolutely perfect!  It is clean, there are lifeguards everywhere and it's never crowded during the week.  This is actually the first week I haven't been able to take the kids so we will definitely be going back next week.  And, yes, I wear my maternity swimsuit and (gasp!) even get in the water!  They have the perfect zero-entry pool that I can sit it and have a view of the entire park so I can see Mason on the watersides or the lily pads and Hannah Kate in the pirate ship play area.  They love it, and I do, too!  There are usually at least five other expectant moms there so I just fit right in!

I went back to the doctor on Tuesday.  Baby's heart rate was back up to 150 BPM.  The only other notable mention was that my doctor commented that perhaps I'm a little "too active" at this point in my pregnancy.  I guess the cankles were a dead give-away.  There's was really nothing I could say to that so I just smiled as sweetly as I could.  Besides, she understands.  She has two children even younger than Mason and Hannah Kate.  She's just saying what she has to say.

And this weekend . . . well, it's going to be another fun one!  These next few pictures are a hint:

Just in case you're wondering, Hannah Kate is holding a bag of gummy sharks.
It's sure to be FIN-TASTIC!

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