Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why I think we're having a boy . . . but he thinks it's a girl!

140. That was the magic number for today. I had my glucose test this morning. All I had to do was be below 140. And can you believe that my level was 140?!? Not below 140. But 140. So that means I have the pleasure of enduring the 3-hour glucose test on Thursday morning. It just might be the end of me.

Although I was very careful about what I ate yesterday, I did drink several glasses of sweet tea. And I probably ate too much Easter candy on Sunday. I should've known better.

After leaving the doctor's office, I felt pretty good so I went to the grocery store. Before I got there, I started feeling . . . well . . . awful. I knew my sugar level was plummeting after having spiked so quickly in such a short period of time. I hadn't had anything to eat in 12 hours since I was required to fast for my test so I ate the granola bar I'd stuffed in my purse. Being the stubborn person I am, I made my way inside the store and grabbed a buggy. I got so dizzy and light-headed that I was hanging onto that buggy for dear life. I'm still not sure how I didn't just fall to the ground. I finally made my way to the cafe at the front of the store and nearly laid down on that table until I thought I could get up. And once I got up, I checked out as quickly as I could . . . grocery shopping not even half done . . . and stopped to grab a sandwich on my way home.

So if that's what happened after the 1-hour test, can you just imagine what might happen after the 3-hour test?! I went through the same thing during my pregnancy with Mason, and I got so sick afterwards that my boss sent me home from work. So I have a feeling that fun times are ahead on Thursday.

So here's why I think we're having a boy:
  • I failed my glucose test today. I also failed it when I was pregnant with Mason but not Hannah Kate.
  • I now have cankles. Again, this was a trademark of mine during the pregnancy with Mason but not with Hannah Kate. This has to be the most unattractive thing about this pregnancy! Ugh!
  • I dreamed the other night that the baby was born. Yep . . . a boy! And you would know that I couldn't see the baby at first . . . so I asked Seth what it was . . . and he said a girl. I was shocked. And then he grins and says, "Just kidding." The doctor holds the baby up, and he's definitely a he.
  • And there's that fortune from my PF Chang's fortune cookie a couple of months ago . . .
And here's why Seth thinks we're having a girl:
  • The all-day morning sickness that tortured my body for 16 weeks was also a trademark of my pregnancy with Hannah Kate but not Mason.
But I have to be honest . . . the suspense is killing me! I'm dying to know if we're having a boy or a girl! Have I mentioned that July can't get here soon enough?!

So other than the fact that I bombed (well, not really . . . I mean, my number was 140 but it might as well have been 1,400) my glucose test today (and then the nurse later called to tell me that she had my blood test results, which also show I'm anemic . . . did I mention this, too, happened during my pregnancy with Mason but not Hannah Kate?), everything else is just fine, and baby is healthy! The heart rate today was 155 BPM. At 25 weeks pregnant, I've gained only nine pounds, which is really good for me. But . . . trust me . . . you can't tell. It looks like so much more than that. I look so huge and swollen in the Easter pictures Seth took of me and the children. So those are not likely blog material. But anyway. I'll go back for another appointment in two weeks. Yes, it's that time already. But I feel like I've been pregnant for forever. And I'm fairly certain that I'm over it!

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