Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Her Closet

Well, dance recital time is almost here . . . May 5 is the big day.  This will be Hannah Kate's first dance (tap and ballet) recital, and it's even more special because you-know-who will be dancing with her during the Daddy-Daughter tap routine.

Their first practice with the daddy's was last Sunday.  Yes, Seth went.  I'd convinced him that it was no big deal really . . . he'd just stand there while Hannah Kate danced around him.  I still haven't mentioned the big stage, the lights, the 500 or so seats in the audience that will be nearly filled.

I had a meeting at church on Sunday evening so they got home before I did.  The first thing I found out, according to my husband, is that he does not "just stand there."  He actually has "dance steps."  He was so excited about it, as a matter of fact, that he wanted to show me their routine.  But Hannah Kate would have none of it!  She refused to dance with him.  I'm not quite sure what's up with that.  And, furthermore, Seth continued to be so excited about it throughout the week that he was frequently singing the song they are "dancing" to (George Strait's I Wanna Dance With You).  Yes, I am serious.

And, obviously, dancing with Daddy is hard work.  Seth said he was in the kitchen getting supper ready when they got home on Sunday and asked Mason to get Hannah Kate to come downstairs to eat.  A few minutes later, Mason told Seth that he couldn't find her.  So Seth went upstairs to look.  He found her laying on the floor in her closet with the light out.  She was asleep!  Now.  This is a child who hasn't had a nap since she was 18 months old, if that.  Even when I've tried to implement a 30-minute "quiet time" in her room after lunch, it hasn't worked.  And now, after all these years, here she is asleep on the floor in her closet!

Seth grabbed my camera to take a picture.  It isn't the best because he didn't know he needed to adjust the setting for indoor lighting.

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