Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

Here are three of my very favorite Valentines!
So we started out the day with a special Valentine's breakfast. Honestly though . . . only Hannah Kate and Connor had the pleasure of heart-shaped waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. I just didn't have it together at 5:45 this morning when I was preparing Mason's breakfast. Besides, he probably wouldn't have eaten it anyway!
I can also say that it's never a good thing when your 1st grader comes home from a Valentine's party at school with mostly empty candy wrappers. And those wrappers weren't empty because he was sharing either.
And, of course, as usual I pulled out the wedding china for supper tonight. Usually on Valentine's Day or our anniversary, Seth and I will wait until Mason and Hannah Kate go to bed before enjoying our dinner. But tonight I decided that Mason and Hannah Kate should eat with us and off of the fancy china, too. We also ate in the formal dining room tonight. Mason thought it was all rather silly, but Hannah Kate enjoyed it. Our menu was a green salad with roasted pears and Tabasco pepper jelly vinaigrette, crab cakes with creole sauce, asparagus risotto (oh. my. so good.) and oven roasted asparagus.
Seth and I did wait until the kids went to bed before indulging in our dessert . . . cheesecake. And I have to admit that I had a little help from my favorite cheesecake bakery in Baton Rouge . . . dulce de leche and praline for him and black and white for me.

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