Saturday, April 02, 2011

Look Who's ONE!

Dear Jones,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet boy! We thought about you all day today . . . wishing we were in Georgia celebrating with you at your John Deere-themed birthday party and enjoying your Daddy's fish fry!

I can not believe you are ONE! It seems like you were born just yesterday. The hardest part about living in Louisiana is being so far away from friends and family. I sure wish we could spend more time with you! I just loved my time with you a couple of weeks ago. You are such an easy baby with such a sweet, easy-going personality. I don't think you were too sure about me at first, but I won you over! Mason and Hannah Kate were especially jealous. They ask about you everyday, ask when we're going back to Georgia. I promise we'll come see you soon.

Tell your mommy to upload some pictures of your party on Facebook (as if she doesn't have anything else to do! but maybe just a picture or two!). I hope you enjoy your birthday present we sent. Mason and Hannah Kate love to swing, and I'll bet you will too. I was thinking that the back deck at your house would be a great spot for your new swing. And you be sure to tell Mommy and Daddy to take you to the beach this summer so you can sport your new trunks, sun hat and towel! Of course, I'll bet you'll use those at your Aunt Jenny's pool a lot, too.

We can't wait to see you again! We love you!
Uncle Seth, Aunt Julie, Mason and Hannah Kate

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