Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Our Birthday!

I just love March 20! It's my favorite day of the year! It's my birthday! I mean, March 20 just has a ring to it. It sounds perfect . . . like the perfect day.

Well, actually, it's OUR birthday! Remember the two cousins I share my birthday with? Well, here's one of them . . . my FAVORITE, I have to admit . . . and today was quite the biggie for her. She is FIFTY!
The celebration for Cindy's 50th year began earlier in the week when FIFTY of her pink plastic friends showed up on the lawn of her business, Cindy's Florist, in Zebulon, GA.
And some of Cindy's closest friends (and maybe family, too - but not me, I promise!) added to the yard art at Cindy's Florist with a funeral tent, casket and dead flower arrangements!Cindy had a girls' night out last night with some of her sweet church friends . . . so what do you get someone who is FIFTY? How about FIFTY bags of her favorite snack!And I guess this is how FIFTY year olds are supposed to act!And as for me, well, I wanted to celebrate, too. I thought about sending her FIFTY balloons, but that's not something you do for the one who sends balloons all the time. So I sent her FIFTY birthday cards in the mail instead! I'll bet her mailman was loving me!So just keeping it real . . . I had way more fun celebrating Cindy's FIFTIETH than I did my own 33. I don't know. Thirty-three just isn't very exciting at all. Somehow FIFTY just seems way more fun! Just ask Cindy!

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