Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Shoes and Public Restrooms

Ummm . . . yes . . . the two are definitely related . . .

Hannah Kate loves shoes.

As a matter of fact, Hannah Kate has a lot of shoes. Given the choice of a new toy or a new pair of shoes, she will usually choose the shoes. And that's exactly what happened last Friday.After the adventures in potty training with Mason, let's just say I was less than excited about potty training Hannah Kate, especially considering the utter craziness and exhaustion that is our life lately. Besides, I fell hook, line and sinker for the ridiculous idea of potty training your child in a day with a series of potty parties . . . I bought the books. I took Mason to the store to pick out his salty treats intended to make him thirsty and sweet drinks to quench the thirst. I kept a large bag of M&M's on the potty. We did the potty training sticker chart. We locked ourselves in the house for a week without going anywhere. After all, that's what all the books said to do. I didn't buy the tee-tee baby though. Instead we pretended with Mason's favorite stuffed animal. Yes. I know now. Ridiculous. A YEAR AND A HALF later, Mason was potty trained. I mean, who in the world wouldn't want to go through that all over again, especially while building a house and living at MawMaw's house at the same time?!?

So. I have been avoiding potty training Hannah Kate like the plague. For every person who has said "girls are easier," there has been someone else to share a horror story. After all, for the past four years, ten months and two days, I have been changing diapers. Why change now? I did take a step in that direction around Christmas time . . . I bought some princess panties for Hannah Kate's Christmas stocking. They've been stuffed in the drawer underneath her socks and diaper covers ever since. But last week I decided we could perhaps graduate from diapers to pull-ups. I was about to run out of my stock of diapers so we picked up a package of pull-ups. And it just so happened that Friday was the day.

I put the pull-up on Hannah Kate - princess pull-ups, mind you - and told her in one quick breath that she wasn't supposed to tee-tee on the princesses but in the potty. Oh, and I forgot to mention that prior to this, Hannah Kate had NEVER tee-teed in the potty. So, as you can imagine, I wasn't expecting much. And then we were off.

I had to go to the electrical store to pick up the last remaining switches and light fixtures. Before we left, I took Hannah Kate to the potty. Nothing. But at least her pull-up was still dry. The next stop was lunch. Again, I took Hannah Kate to the potty. Nothing. But her pull-up was dry. Then we went to the piano store. Now, I'll admit that I was temporarily side-tracked and completely forgot about our great potty training experiment so we left without visiting the restroom. Lowe's was next. As soon as we got there, I took Hannah Kate to the potty. Nothing. But I was beginning to get hopeful, as her pull-up was still dry. Target was our next and final stop. I told Hannah Kate that she could pick out a prize, but she could not have it until she tee-teed in the potty. And that's when she spotted these hot pink bejeweled sandels.She HAD to have them. They were only $9.99 so I threw them in the cart. We checked out. Hannah Kate wanted to hold the shoes, but I told her they had to stay in the bag until she tee-teed in the potty. Before we left the store . . . yep, you guessed it . . . we stopped by the restroom. And . . . guess what?!? I had to go back to the cashier and ask for a pair of scissors to cut the tags off those hot pink sandels because my girl did it . . . she tee-teed in the potty for the very first time. In a public restroom. At Target.

She loves her new shoes. I guess they are rather cute . . . in a gaudy, I'm-a-big-girl-now kind of way.

We're just over a week into potty training with Hannah Kate. She's doing pretty good. She wakes up dry most of the time. And she stays dry most of the time, too (although today wasn't exactly stellar). It hasn't been the nightmare I remembered. But I think we still have a lot of work to do on the other end!
Of course, now we have a whole 'nother set of issues . . . it's always a major discussion regarding who is going to the potty first and who is going to flush the potty and who is going to use which potty . . .

And have I mentioned how much I despise public restrooms . . . ?!?

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