Monday, March 15, 2010

Showering Kristi

Mason, Hannah Kate and I recently went to Georgia to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Rob and Kristi's baby boy. Can I just say . . . it was absolutely breath-taking to spend a week doing something else besides building a house! I enjoyed the "break" immensely.

Table Scape:
One of my favorite parts about the shower was actually preparing the food! Cucumber sandwiches, ham and cheese melts, pepper jelly cheese pate (a south Louisiana delicacy if I've ever tasted one!), spinach dip, fruit with brown sugar cream cheese dip, lemon squares, baby sweet feet cookies, cupcake bits and smoothies! I had the most fun in the kitchen with my mom making the cookies and cupcake bites. In the picture below, the cupcake bites are in the upper left corner. Yes, WE MADE THOSE! Aren't they just the cutest ever?!? I know . . . they look hard. But they really weren't! There is a cake ball in the center. After you make the cake ball, you set it in some melted chocolate in a candy mold. We chose blue, of course. After it sets, you dip the tops in melted chocolate again - white this time around. And then we topped it off with a blue M&M. And the baby sweet feet cookies are on the far right. These jewels had lavendar in the cookie dough and were quite tasty.
Rob and Kristi are going to name the baby Jones Pierce. Jones was my Grandaddy's (Mama's daddy) name. Everyone knew him as Marvin, but his given name was Jones Marvin Cannafax. I can think of no better way to honor this most humble, gentle, kind, loving and caring man than by naming his great-grandson after him.I got a little carried away in making "designer" burp clothes for my newest nephew - 6 in all! But this one was my favorite. It was inspired by my brother (and my husband, too).MeMama (my Mama's mama), of course, crocheted a baby blanket for Jones, just like she's done for the rest of her great-grands.
Aunt Kristi had lots of little helpers!Hannah Kate especially loved all of the baby clothes.


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