Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flying a Kite

Pop and Mimi sent Mason a kite in his Valentine's Day box. At the time, it was raining daily and definitely not kite-flying weather. So the kite sat on top of the shelf in the laundry room. That all changed when March came roaring in like a lion. We've had some absolutely gorgeous days . . . and some absolutely blustery days, too . . . perfect for flying a kite. So one Sunday afternoon that's what Seth decided to do with the kids. When I went outside to join the fun, this is what I saw: No, I am not confused. Yes, that is a fishing pole. And, yes, this post is about flying a kite. Obviously boys raised amidst the bayous in Cajun country use their fishing poles for not just fishing . . . Seth said he wanted to see how high he could get the kite. We could barely see it: So I guess this is how Louisianians fly their kites! Abbie wanted in on the fun, too.

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