Sunday, November 08, 2009

I wanted a trophy.

Well, Mason's last soccer game was on Saturday. He and the other kids on his team enjoyed cutting up with Coach John during halftime.After his first soccer game, he came over to the sidelines and promptly told me that he was "ready for my trophy now." When he did not get that trophy, his interested in soccer games went down the drain. So we tried to use that as an incentive . . . we'd talk to him each week about how he'd get a trophy at the end of the season if he would go after the ball and kick it in the net. Well, he never really went after the ball, but boy was he going to hold us to that promise. So . . . finally . . . the day of the last soccer game came. We told him he'd get his trophy after the game.

Now . . . Abbie has played soccer for this particular league for a couple of years, and she would always get a trophy at the end of the season. So . . . imagine our surprise when Coach John goes to hand out trophies . . . and he hands out MEDALS instead. Uh oh. So we really tried our best to pump Mason up about his medal. He seemed okay . . . flashed that winning smile and insisted on wearing it. We even let him wear it to a birthday party later that same day (although I did make him leave it in the truck). And we made sure he showed MawMaw Mac when she came over to eat lunch with us today. And we also told him he'd have to take it to Georgia to show Pop and Mimi. So far so good. Or so I thought. Mason watched me as I was uploading the pictures from my camera to post on this blog. He said, "Mama, I wanted a trophy."


The Applings said...

You had better get that boy a TROPHY!!

Raimie said...

What a proud moment! From experience, it sure is easier to pack and unpack medals than trophies!! Enjoy these days.