Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13 More Days

This year we will spend Thanksgiving in Georgia . . . and we are counting the days. Literally. Mason has been BEGGING to go to Pop and Mimi's for months now. We thought we might sneak in a trip at the end of summer, but things did not work out that way. As the days passed, Mason kept asking, "How many more days?" The only concept of time he has is NOW so I helped him make this chart in an attempt to give him a better understanding of just how many more days we have left before we get on the "big road" (that's what he calls the interstate) and head to GA.
This morning after Mason woke up, he pulled the first number off his chart. We counted the ones that were left . . . 13 more days. His response was, "Aawwww . . . I don't want it to be 13 days. I wanna go today."

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Raimie said...

Great job! A very creative idea.